Hep C Positive
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Why we are lucky ♡☆♡

We know we have it, hundreds of thousands have it but don't know

We live in the UK

We can be treated

We can be cleared

We have options

And we have this forum 😂

Best wishes to all of you who have completed treatment and those who are clear. Dont despair those yet to begin and hang on in there for those who are on their treatment plans now

navs 😍😍 always dream happy xx

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Aww love this post Nav👌I think a lot about those not living in the UK,yes we are extremely lucky🙌

How you getting on? hope your ok and keep on fighting your corner.🤞

Don’t forget to dream big,bigger the better.

Lots of love ❤️💋💋


Hi honey, keeping a cool head and started my plan b while I await the 3 month scan & bloods.

So glad you're another cleared. 🎉🎉 I believe in karma so all is good.

Best wishes 😍 😘 enjoy that holiday 😘😘

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Aww thanks babe I do think about you a lot and hope too see you get a happy ending soon🤞Lovely too see you still staying so positive. Hope you have a lovely weekend ❤️💋💋💋

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That's upbeat and positive! Thankyou😊😘💋


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