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Amazing,fantastic,fabulous news!! 🌈🦄

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Hey beautiful people❤️ amazing news! So I’m halfway though 8 weeks of treatment on Maviret type 3a. I went to the hospital today to pick up the next 4 weeks of treatment and I got the results of my 2 weeks bloods. My viral load had dropped from over 8 million to 10!😱

I already knew before going the hospital today it was gone! This past week I’ve been imagining the nurse telling me it’s cleared I wasn’t expecting it to be this quick though😀💃🎉

My advice to anyone going threw treatment do what ever you have too to keep your spirts up! A positive attitude is what will see you through.

And if there is any of you waiting to start your treatment on Maviret stop worrying! I have felt far worse off of antibiotics, anti depressants and diabetes medication.Fatigue is all I’ve felt and you already know what that is like.💪

These new drugs are a miracle I’m so unbelievably grateful!! After 16 years of hell I get my life back and can now finally well and truly put the past behind me.

Because for me in 2002 in rehab picking up the pieces of a broken life to get the diagnosis was a real kick in the teeth. For me getting a diagnosis was like receiving a death sentence I drank and partied too the excess for many years. I figured what the hell it was gonna kill me anyway.It was always there hanging over me spoiling any little bit of happiness I found and I never felt clean! I was foolish and I’m so very lucky to come out unscathed .Normal fibro scan 5 point something and no scaring.

For any of you waiting for treatment keep the faith your time will come! Treatment time has really speeded up🌈

I’m feeling so lucky I’ve come the bingo 🤣🤣Although I already feel like I’ve won the Lottery today🙌💃🎈Yes I know my posts are long🤣I always did have far to much to say for myself🙄

A massive thank you to all of you for the support Love and light Cathy

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So pleased for you. It's like being given a 2nd chance and you are gonna shine 🌞xx

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Mizzkent in reply to Shadow123-

Thanks babe I’m still trying to get my head around it I go back in 4 weeks for today’s results. I already know so it’s all good. I’m going to do a blog now what I’ve had in my head over a year.But I’ve let the fear stop me. Am just stuck for a name now 🤣 already wrote my first few posts. 2018 is our time to shine. 💫🌈xxxx

Fantastic news. It is a great feeling knowing it is going. The next time you go it will show ALL CLEAR and then you can start your life all over again. Stay positive and keep smiling. 😁😁

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Thank you Dizzime I’m over joyed 😀such a massive relief I can’t help smiling.For so many years I never thought I’d be free it’s amazing! 👏I hope you have a lovely

I am so happy for you that is grate news a big well done for completing treatment

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Thank you Shellwalsh I haven’t finished treatment yet I’m only half way through I still have to finish another 4 weeks.But it’s all good as I’ve already got the result I needed 😊🙌 x

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👋😊 hi shell wash nice to see you here

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Hello are you in treatment alan234

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Hi shell,nice to meet you as such,I have had my treatment it was for genotype 3a with a drug called epclusa,and I never had any problems at all with it,that was 7 months ago,Now and although they monitor you for 12 months I believe the virus has gone,how about yourself?

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That good I was genotype 1 the worst one they say I was giving clear blood tests from week 2 I only finished treatment on the 29.12.17 so not had any more bloods as yet but fingers crossed it has not come back

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Good to hear we have a new team member👋😊x

Knew u could do it babe - u deserve it. Its time for a new you. Live life and enjoy every moment 👏🎉🎉 xx


Go sista xxx😗😙😚

Hi cara hope you are 👍 x

Hi Alan! That's me started treatment today. I'm gony post my experience to everyone and thankyou for asking! How are You?

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Made up for you Cara just think a few weeks from now and the virus could be gone!🙏 I know your gonna fly through this no problem. Xxxx

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Whot treatment are you on cara

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Hiya! I'm on maviret. Day 3. Feel sick and fatigue but at least il loose a bit of weight cuz I'm too heavy😉drank a cuppa tea this morning and felt really queasy after it!

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Mizzkent in reply to Cara78

You got this babe! I was hoping to lose weight but seem to have been craving carbs. So I figured what the hell will worry about weight after I finish treatment I’m to heavy but I’ll tackle one thing at a time🤣 love your wee rabbit 😍 xxx

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Coolninja807 in reply to Cara78

Hi iam also taking mavyret..did it get rid of the hep c?

Hi Coolninja yes I had cleared the virus after just 2 weeks 😊 I go for my 3 months after treatment this week I know I’m still gonna be in the clear.Best of luck with your treatment ❤️💋💋

I’m very good thank you ,working through things but really appreciate the hep c treatment and so glad I kept all the appointments feel a lot better for it hope yours goes well🙏And will be watching you come through this too,so good luck you can get through this and 🖕🏼Little fockers xx😊

Yup, get a second go of getting my health back. It's times like this I'm grateful for NHS and the country I live in. I'm so glad I have this site as their isn't alot of info about this drug on internet, it's really spurred me on. Onwards n onwards. This tablet may help me sleep better as I've had trouble for a while. I'm in good position and am not working just now so I can focus on myself. Happy days😊

And thankyou Allan xxx

I was the same only found this site when I started treatment and were like a little family now some good people on here who really understand each other👍Xx

Ps we are always looking for new family members so anyone reading these posts are always welcomed 👍


None of my familey knew about my hep c so only had hep c nurses to talk to about this but finding this group

Was grate I think your all grate people and have help a lot and from the bottom of my heart I really do wish each and everyone of you the best of luck with everything in and out of treatment xxx

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Aww that’s lovely Shell ❤️ I went so many years with it alone. That now all’s I want to do is help others going through the same.I only found this group myself a couple of months ago.I only wish I’d found this group years ago.I hate to think that so many people are suffering alone and in silence.Hopefully more people find us. Best of luck to you too! Love and light. Xxxx

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Thank you xx

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I think we are all the same she’ll, the disease is awfull,to cope with you can’t speak about it ,so it’s good on here talking openly about it to fellow sufferers who know first hand what it’s like they are all nice people and all willing to help people open up about it it really does help to get it off your chest 🙂 hope to see more of you here too,have a good evening x

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Same to you and thank you will keep

You all updated at next bloods

So happy for you. You can say as much as you want....all ways happy to listen.

Sending love



Hiya all I'm also hep c pos...gen3 been on treatment a week today all Iv done is sleep and feel weakest Tom I guess it takes time I'm on 9 tabs a day including others I'm prescribed....anyway im also glad found this site really helpful Thank you all xx

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Mizzkent in reply to Shelly2480

Hi Shelly welcome😊 what treatment are you on? The first few weeks of mine I felt weak and fatigued. I only have 2 days left😂This site has really helped me so Many lovely people on here.So glad you found us. Best wishes Cathy xxx

Really pleased for you,hope you win at bingo too.xx

Pleased for you 😘

So happy for you!!yes it is a blessing to have access to the medication. I been in treatment for 5 weeks. I hope the medicine is working..

Oh not long left for you then 😊It will Be stay positive you got this! Maviret is amazing worked after 2 weeks I couldn’t believe it 🙌 have you not had any bloods done yet? Not everyone does I was tested through out so was lucky as some people have to wait till the end of treatment 👎 do you know what genome type you are? Xx

Hi yes i had my labs done 4 weeks into treatment.i should know the results of that test soon.i was told i have geno type 1a. What type did you have?what kind of side effects did you have?

I had type 3a I didn’t really have any side effects just fatigue mostly in the first 2 weeks.Everyone is different I know some people had nausea I was lucky. I actually enjoyed going through treatment as it was quite a spiritual journey for me and I felt like I was healing all areas of my life. The best advice I can give is to stay positive and do things that you enjoy. And make plans for after treatment even book a holiday if you can. Something nice to look forward too😊 best wishes Cathy xxx

Thank you!it is a healing process.i have a bigger appreciation for things.i quit smoking and look forward to whats to come. Your absolutely right why not do something enjoyable?i plan to go out more hopefully travel.were you able to clear the virus?if not will in the name of jesus

Yes I cleared the virus after just 2 weeks was still clear 4 weeks post treatment. And I go on Thursday for the 3 month check up I know I’m still gonna be free of it 😜xxx

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