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Keeping myself busy💪

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The result of a couple of pleasant hours spent baking with the baby 😊👌even though I did run out of cream and sprinkles 🤣 They where sprinkled with positivity instead🌈🙌

Day 8 already and it’s bring on the new box 👊

As you can see I’m keeping myself occupied and busy plus it makes me feel good baking. Obviously am not on the usual January Diet🤣 love and light Cathy ❤️🌈😘

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Well done you,looks yummy scrumpy, glad to read your posts,you should be proud,every time you post positive stuff it has a knock on affect, you give me hope,thank you

Hi Phil aww thank you ❤️ that is my sincerest wish that my posts help and put others minds at ease. So your comment makes me really happy😊thank you! How are you? Xxx

I'm taking one day at a time. Got fibroscan next week,been approved for treatment, get my Porphyria result Friday,I'm excited, finally might get some answers to my million questions,got 2 professors on my team they brilliant.still being goaded by family and got the same stresses and strains as most, if I can make it thru the next 2 Weeks then I won't look back.seeing peeps like you battle thru and come out the otherside gives me hope.xx

Hey Phil, that’s wonderful news🙌 have they given you any idea what treatment you will be getting? It makes me so happy to know your next to get sorted👏As for the family drama try your best to just concentrate on you! Once you’ve been through your treatment you’ll be feeling stronger and more able to deal with all the bs.You won’t believe what a difference getting rid makes to how you feel about yourself and how you feel about life in general.Everything will change for the better you’ll see.I wish you the very best of everything lots of love Cathy ❤️xx

Hi,phil keep plodding on pal😊

Thanks mate,doing my best,got set a drift by support team recently and took a dive again, but clawing my way back from it and trying to remain neutral to all the drama and b/s that I'm surrounded by,hope you're doing well.

Keep fighting your corner with the support team and don’t let them fob you off. I’m coming off my anti depressants now I don’t need them anymore. I had to half the dose I was on for a month I’ve 2 weeks left. So far so good exercise is my anti depressant now 🤣. The days of locking myself in my room and hiding from the world is a distant memory.❤️💋💋

Hi,phil,take it easy,be kind to yourself an when you feel like your heads going to blow off take time out and slow your breathing down,one day at a time mate ,best wishes hope you have a calm weekend.🙋🏻‍♂️

Your attitude is great☺ and just like phillipaussie says it has a knock on effect. Bless ya sis🌰🍓🍇🍉

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Bless you too sis❤️ I have a little post to share later little things I have been using since I started treatment. And they are working a treat. 😊🌈❤️💋💋💋

Hi cara your time will be here soon x

Yeah, I really hope there is no longterm side effects because it's sounds too good to be true. If I clear this there will be no looking back☺I do get days when I feel good but fact remains it lurks in every part of my body and I want it blitzed😄

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Yes that is my hope too Cara I just refuse to think about long term side effects I have a good feeling that there won’t be any off Maviret. Not looked into side effects or after effects either and don’t intend too. Instead I’m just concentrating on blitzing this and healing all areas of my life. And finally being at peace and happy.Keep the faith sis your gonna blitz this no problem 💪❤️😘

Hiya Cathy ille buy that Victoria sponge thingy,also hope you don’t mind I’ve entered you for the bake off🥧🍩 hope your ok xx😊

Hi Alan I am fine thank you😊 🤣🤣 bake off 🥧🍰 it was a Victoria sponge I made too much icing so lashed it on the trifle is a favourite minus the sherry. If you where still in Liverpool I would of happily made you one. Hope you are ok too xx❤️

I’m good thank you had a bit of a stressy wobbler last week but I’m ok now afternoon tea and trifle sounds good😊keep that creativity going the trifle needs hundreds and thousands on top xx take care

Oh I’m sorry to hear about your little wobble we all have them keep your spirits up Alan you will soon be getting your new pipes🤞😘