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Taking a deep breath

I took my granddaughters home yesterday, they live with my son at weekends. I say home, I dropped them off to their mother at a big hospital in Manchester where their other grandma is in intensive care and has been for nearly a year. Their grandfather is also there as he has had several heart attacks. My own husband, their other grandad, survived an aortic aneurism the year they were born. They absolutely clung to me when I dropped them off and told me I HAVE to get better as they only have me to do things with ... crikey no pressure ...

I get my prescription and some beta blockers this afternoon, I feel healthy and strong, I had an accident to my arm last week and have a nasty burn which has to be dressed every other day (slow healing - low platelets)

So, my first target is going to be a weeks time - to be well enough to pick these little ones up up on Xmas day and if that doesn’t keep me fighting I really don’t know what will

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I get the feeling your a strong person. Good luck today at hospital.😁

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Hi that’s the fighting spirit you need! You can do this 😊 try and stay as positive as you can. Best wishes Cathy x

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