Good news & Bad news

I was diagnosed with HepC a couple of months ago but needed fibroscan and then CT scans before treatment. I have type 1 and I can start my hepatititis treatment on Monday they have told me today BUT the CT scan showed abdominal varices so I have to take a beta blocker too. Very scared about the varices and apprehensive about the HepC treatment as I’m one of those people who won’t take a paracetamol if they can help it.

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  • Hi,and welcome on here,and great to see someone else getting treatment I myself have not long finished treatment for genome3a and they tell me it’s gone now ,I found it to no problem there’s a couple of girls on here now doing it no problem so hopefully youlle be ok nice to meet you as such..alan

  • My nurse says another person is sailing through the same treatment with no side effects so I hope I’m lucky there too ... I’ve just retired (61) and am generally active and healthy so I really do hope to halt the liver damage and get on with my life as best I can. Hope is stronger than fear

  • Hi, I am the same when it comes to tablets & that was the most worrying part of starting this treatment. Check some past posts of mine against how good i feel now. I am fine & have been taking 3 tabs a day for 2 weeks now. The hospital said I am doing really well in that no complaining, eating well, working still & my positivity 😍 The hospital and your team will monitor you carefully & they are there to contact if you have any worries along the way. They will look after you

    Best of wishes, vritual 😍 xx

  • Thank you ... I read your posts earlier this evening and found them really helpful and positive

  • That's good to hear. Keep that chin up toto needs you 🐶 🐶🐶

  • That’s one of the things keeping me going ... he’s a rescue and so traumatised that I’m his only hope, poor wee mite x

  • Awww must be meant for each other, it's tough, life gets rough but that is only part of the journey. I feel for both of you, cuddle up 💚💚👍

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