Great news! Omg

Well I have had some great news today! after panicking like mad.Went for my appointment and had a fibro scan I have no scaring!Cannot believe it after all the years with alcohol and 16 years that I know of living with HCV type 3a.

Also got a date to start treatment 😊 4th of January! New Year new start! OMG 8 weeks and it could all be over.🙌. Am trying to take it all in scared and excited all at the same time.😊🎉🎉

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  • Well done your nearly at the finish line👍

  • Thank you Alan I cannot believe it’s so soon but I’m happy about it 😊x

  • Made up for you is it the epclusa you’re getting?good you’ve got no scarring too you can make a full recovery,xx

  • I know am so grateful was convinced there was bound to be damage happy I was wrong. No it’s the one beginning with M cannot remember the name.Am not gonna bother googling or reading anything about it 😂 I have to take 3 pills a day.

  • Maybe the same as the other two girls are doing now and they are flying through it,just get the tablets down your neck loads of water..youlle smash it😊xx

  • Yes it is the same I think yes that’s my plan read nothing and just get them down my neck. 😊

  • That’s the one c that’s the attitude you need to smashit really pleased for you Ithought you were going to have a 6 month wait after the fibro scan ,your doing great girl in your recovery and when you get this hep c wiped off the worlds your oyster XX

  • I know it will be like the wait of the world has been lifted off my shoulders.This is the last step 😊 x

  • Great for people who are waiting for treatment to see it’s worth going through with it and don’t suffer in silence come and talk about it it’s awfull c the way it makes you feel it’s something you have to hide.i like you would like to work as a drug councillor for young ones ,all the ones I had had never used just read text books .....xx

  • I agree Alan not just that I found from my own personal experience. That the people I listen too and respected for back in rehab where the ones who had been there them selves.You can read all the text books in the world your still never gonna fully understand what it’s like only someone who has lived it will ever really get it.x

  • You should go for it Alan you would really be of great value.And I have do doubt you would really be excellent at it! And people would definitely listen X

  • Con -grat-you -lations 🎉🎉🎉 Gosh your story reads pretty close to mine but think I must have had it longer. same genotype & same treatment, as you know I actually feel better than I did before taking it ☺aww so happy for you, 😃😃😃 xxx

  • That is fantastic news i bet you are over the moon. No scaring wht a result ans then with the treatment you will be rud o the dreaded Hep C for good. What a great start for the new year. So hapoy for you. 😁😁😁Merry Christmas x

  • Jusr read that back there is an awful lot of typing errors lol. Too early me thinks. Xx🤣🤣

  • Good morning 🤣 am always the same with typos. Thank you am excited best Christmas present ever! Merry Christmas to you too! Xx

  • I have the same strain and don't worry about the medication they are really good now. I started treatment of maviret tabelets 4 weeks ago now. Today I have had my results back from my 2 week blood tests. The liver is now back to normal and the hep as totally gone that's 2 week after starting treatment. I had further blood taken today. Will get the results when I go back in 4 weeks that's when treatment ends. It's not half as bad as it all sounds

  • Aww thank you Ashley589 you have all done so much to put my mind at ease 😊❤️ congratulations I am so very happy for you.It is a terrible thing to live with especially what it does to your head.You are free now no stopping you 💪 x

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