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Anyone Gone gluten free? Why?


Was wondering if anyone has gone gluten free and feel better? I cleared the virus with Harvoni in 2015. However I do have early signs of cirrhosis. Recently I've been having an uncomfortable feeling where my liver is and it feels like trapped gas. I've take gas x and it seems to help. I'm wondering if wheat or gluten is the problem. Appreciate information from anyone who has this problem and if so what do you think causes it? Thanks. Trudy

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I haven't taken harvoni &at present don't have cirrhosis but have 24 hr pain in liver area. I don't each much gluten and helps with stomach issues. I cut out everything refined especially refined sugar, that seems the worst. Best try gluten free completely for say 2 wks then reintroduce it ☺ . Process of elimination. I cut it out completely for approx 3 mnths but believe everything in moderation is good for me. But I did feel better with zero gluten. what does your GP, liver specialist say? xx


Thanks. Haven't said anything as this just started. I had eaten a couple of meals with noodles. Then had Apple coffee cake made with Bisquick. I'm giving gut a rest. Drinking aloe Vera juice. Yogurt. Just felt like a packet of gas and pain where liver is. Better today but not normal.


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