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what Do U Say In Reply???

hiya everyone :) i hope u r all well this horrible autumn evening (at least in Scotland its horrible weather)i hope noone finds this rather pathetic but my question tonight is....if people around u were to ask what was rong with u because they have noticed u didnt look to gd (understatement on my part!!) That u have lost alot of weight recently blah blah blah...what would u say to them? I mean with such stigma and ignorance regarding Hep C, has anyone got a reply ready to give? I mean something plausible that coincides with our symptoms and deteriorating health?

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Hi good question,because the truth is really you can't give one ,I think,and that is why you end up alone.


i have someone who will dig away and dig away until they find out the real reason for my illness and if (when more like it) they do find out it will really put me over the edge, i dont have the strength, energy or fight in me to protect myself or try and run away, because ive no where to run to!! The Stigma! The Isolation! The Constant Fear! it makes me feel dirty and unclean, God im a rite prophet of doom tonight sorry peeps x

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No problem,I always used to say that I hadn't eaten for a few days,but I did become an expert at being undercover.dont be too hard on yourself.


Hi..You could try telling the truth but dropping the title 'hep c'...just say you've got a nasty virus that's taking it out of you and if you're on treatment just say the antivirals are knocking you for 6..


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