Soooo Many Questions!!!

Hiya :) Newbi here, not used to doing things like this, but i have so many silly questions going round n round, ohhh my poor wee frazzled brain cell!!!! Anyway 1 to start with since HCP diagnosis almost exactly 1yr ago, what is the timespan everyone has waited for treatment to start???? Thank you in advance for taking time to read and for any replies!!!!

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  • Hi! I am also new. I was in denial when first diagnosed and waited over two years. Before treatment, there was a lot of blood work, liver ultrasound, and a liver biopsy. Don't wait too long. Your liver will thank you. :)

  • hi :) its not that i want to wait, had all tests, liver function, biopsy, kidney scan, been accepted for treatment (epclusa) but that was over 6mths ago and still no start date :( and deteriorated alot in those few mths :(

  • Hi, good to hear your free of it now xalan😊

  • Hi there, firstly, ask as many questions as you need to find out what you need to know, I was diagnosed over 4 months ago and feel like they have forgotten me but its down to the hospital now and just have to be patient.

    This is THE hardest thing Ive ever had to come to terms with and I really do struggle, I hear so many conflicting stories about the treatment and side affects etc it would be nice to know when it all begins so I can separate my illness from whats going around in my mind, the two are linked and I hear it can be quite hard, well for me its been too hard for too long, I just want to start so I can get my head straight.

    This site has been very helpful for me, others get on here and share their experiences, just got to wait and see what the future holds, I'm sure in time you will get the answers you seek, wish I could be of more help,your on the right page to get support and advice, all I can do is wish you well and hope for a full recovery.

    nothing seems to happen too quickly when you have hep c, But there is a treatment and we wait with fingers crossed, goodluck.

  • Awwww thank you for taking the time out of your day to reply, l just cant understand why after all the apptments, diagnosis, tests, then mths of nothing!!!! The Wait goes on n on n on, totally agree with you regarding knowing when it will start so that mentally we are as prepared as we can be, but i really think the whole process could be made alot faster than it is? I understand nhs + resources + system + procedures+ resources = (for us) deterioration,depression,fear,isolation, and becoming sicker (is that a word lol) while we wait :(

  • You've got the worst bit done ,you will wonder what all the worry was about soon when it's all over🙂Alan

  • I was diagnosed with Hep C in 1990, took part in 2 drugs trials in Bristol to no avail! Then I was referred to Torbay HA[ as we lived there]; all manner of tests ecg's LFT etc until I was offered a brand new drugs trial in 2014-15 which completely eradicated the Hepatitis in 3 months it was unbelievable. I then became progressively ill with liver disease; oedema weight loss muscle wastage until by the time I had lost 4 stone and had lost all colour in my face I was referred to QEH at Birmingham for a transplant. I am 66 and now 3 month post op and am feeling fantastic. So please do not give up hope and do keep on this site it is a real lifeline , nobody judges anybody it's pure and simple support and love !! Best of luck to all out there and keep on keeping on . Looking forward to your replies. All my love and support Pete

  • awwww thank you very much for your time replying to me :) i am sooo glad u have been given a whole new life!!! in my thots and prayers that it will be long lasting and full of love,happiness and fun :) take care x

  • Very inspirational reply Pete, great attitude 🙂..alan

  • Cheers Alan not much inspiration before discovering this social sharing site[ not so sure about that name but Hey Ho! ] Stories such as yours and JoJo have rekindled my spirit and lifts me every day, esp out of my dark places which are re-visited now and again, but I then get online and all is better Keep on keeping on!!!

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