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Tips for newly diagnosed people with Hep C from a veteran.


Firstly, try to live as clean as possible. If you are someone who has Hepatitis C you really need to look after yourself. If you can afford to, eat organic wherever possible. If money is tight, some items of fruit & veg are not as important as others to have organic. Find a list of the important ones to have organic. Try to avoid junk food as much as possible.

A big no no is Alcohol. This was the hardest thing for me. I didn’t give up straight away, but eventually I knew that I had to. So boring, I know, but I can’t stress enough how important this is for someone with Hepatitis C. Also, please be careful of supplements, no iron in multivitamins for example. Be wary of herbs too, especially if they are being held up as a remedy for liver disease, some are dangerous for you. Do your research before you take anything. Always remember, everything goes through your liver. Ask yourself, is this going to be safe for my liver with the Hep C. Again, research.

Try to get a referral to see a Hepatologist at the Hepatology unit of your local hospital for monitoring and treatment. At the very least get your G.P to take a blood test every 6 months or so. Keep up with latest news on treatments, new ones coming out all the time, which also means that in time they will get cheaper. Don’t give up your fight for treatment.

Get support . I found Hep C forums useful. Try to live your life as well as possible, but have a laugh, keep the fun in your life.

Remember you may have Hep C, but you are not your Hep C.

Best to all


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Great bit of advice👍

Thanks Alan.


I was diagnosed November 2nd last year..I did all of those great suggestions with the view that whatever treatment I was going to have, my body (and of course liver) needed good preparation! No alcohol was not so hard...continued my social life with good friends encouraging me..they drank wine...and I drank tonic!. I enjoyed the challenge of healthy mostly organic diet... Starting mist days with a apple celery and herbal aloe cleanse.....good for liver.ate little and very often...cut sugar...but had local honey, lots of dates are very sweet.. Ate proteins meat, eggs, yoghart etc..just kept off too much fat or salt...Took all of my Herbalife products (my consultant was fine with that).

After the waiting, and the worry, and the endless appointment's my 8 week course if Harvoni started in April this year...During the treatment my bloods were checked.. each time with improvement! 3 months post consultant rang this week too say I am virus free and he doesn't want to see me four 2 years!!!!!! ☺☺☺☺☺

This forum was very supportive to me during the months of waiting.... Thank you! And a huge thankyou to the wonderful people who have worked in medicine and research to progress the treatments of this not much heard of HepC...

Londongal in reply to mherbie

A great example of what we need to do to look after ourselves.

Fantastic news that you are now virus free. I wish you continued good health for the future.

Best K

A real success story!!!,amazing timeline.

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