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Parkinson Disease linked to HCV?

Parkinson Disease links to HCV

My thoughts on this:

I just read another article regarding this matter and have placed the link at end of my post. This is information regarding research around this subject.

I also think this article's (research)explains brain fog and mental fatigue....also, if you have cirrhosis it connects brain hemmorhage to HCV as the virus does get into the spinal column fluid as well as blood vessels and affects neural pathways within the brain. Like all diseases, everyone is different regarding how their HCV affects them...but over time, I believe HCV makes you more susceptible to other diseases and life threatening events.

The incident of PD in UK is quite high in relationship to to other western countries. With so many untreated and undiagnosed people with HCV out there, this could be why this figure is so high. Diagnose and treat HCV in the UK and the incident of PD might significantly drop. Another savings long term for NHS. Healthier population and less transmission of HCV through undiagnosed people.

Here is the link...there are 4 pages connected to this.

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Hepatitis C Virus Infection: A Risk Factor for Parkinson Diseasee