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Broad complex tachycardia. I’m being referred to an EP after a 5 day ECG showed episodes of this. I’m imagining the worst.

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I’m 9 months post heart attack, (at 59yrs), due to blood clot, 6 months post successful cardio version for AFib. None smoker, was physically fit pre HA ( still exercising), healthy weight , no risk factors. Ejection fraction has improved from 40% to 46%

Cardiologist phoned me earlier. I’d had arrhythmia symptoms so had 5 day ECG which showed episodes of broad complex tachycardia. The cardiologist said that phrase can involve a number of things and admitted it wasn’t his speciality. He’s referred me to specialist hopefully to be seen in the next 2 months. In the meantime I’m not to put heart under strain and only exercise to comfort. I’m on bisoprolol 7.5. Plus HA meds and blood thinners. Any advice and information please as I’m now writing myself off. How is this treated?


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Looks like your EF is improving so keep dong what you have been doing, as this will improve your outlook as you get older. Many people have those issues and live into their 80s and you sound quite fit.

Hi - you have my sympathy. I'm 66 but had a similar episode at 52. I remember thinking I wasn't going to live long and the anxiety was awful. Loads of new drugs etc. I too had no risk factors. As boberch said your ef is improving well and it seems things are going the right way. The fact that your referral isn't urgent is actually good news. I was also told not to put my heart under strain (don't do any downhill skiing was the example given) - not terribly helpful. I hope you make a good recovery - remember your heart has had a nasty surprise - it will take time to mend.

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