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Flecanide good or bad?

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Hi 👋 everyone, this is my first post. I was diagnosed with extra beats/ectopics at the start of 2020. I’ve always had a few here and there over the years that have never worried me but now it’s a daily occurrence. I have had 4 episodes where it goes out of rhythm for up to 30mins.

After quite a few tests, apparently it’s benign but now my left shoulder prickles constantly, I am off balance all the time and lose my colour regularly. I was also diagnosed with celiac and diverticula disease at the same time. Anyway, I’ve been advised by cardiologist to take 50mg of flecanide daily, I just feel like my system is so down and I’m scared o take it. Can anyone give me their thoughts on this drug based on their experience?

Feeling frustrated. 🙂🙃

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Hi Licas, I wonder why you are fearful of this medication. As you probably know it's an anti-arrhythmia drug, so most likely to be helpful for you.Had you heard bad things about it maybe?

It actually has a quite good record (according to information from reliable online sources) and relatively few side effects, and those are listed as possible dizziness, headache, fatigue or tremor. But these would be reversible if you suffered from any of them and wanted to stop the medication. So there's little to fear from trialling it, but of course once you undertake to take it, you shouldn't stop without the advice of a trained physician, who would help you to do so safely.

I wonder what the source of your frustration is? Is it just your fear of the unknown?

It's tough for you if you are also dealing with newly diagnosed celiac and diverticular disease at the same time. It's a lot to cope with all at once. Try not to let it all overwhelm you and don't start too many new medications or treatments all at once or it becomes confusing to try and sort out any problems you have from taking any of them. I'd definitely recommend starting one at a time to make sure you know what's causing any side effects. Good luck!

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Thanks Callendersgal, I’ve had my grandfather pass away from AFib. Multiple cousins and aunts with arrhythmias (none on flec), a brother with a faulty mitral valve that just had open heart a couple of years back and my dad with quadruple bypass. I guess I’m just worried something is being missed as I feel so crap (not from the palpation) but they are frequent so to then take something yep does make me worry it’ll stuff things up even more. Oh and it’s my heart. Any other organ I could deal with but it does make me feel more reluctant to tamper with it. But I guess I need to shop procrastinating as I don’t want to stay like this!!

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Exactly Licas, much better to take action and protect yourself.

Have you ever watched any of Dr. Sanjay Gupta's videos on YouTube? He's a Consultant heart specialist in York, UK, who does some really informative and reassuring vlogs on the topic of this vital organ and he really helped me to understand that most arrhythmias are about managing your condition, rather than worrying about the threat of instant death. It taught me such a lot. I definitely recommend them! His channel goes under the name of York Cardiology if you are interested. Good luck anyway, and take care!!

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Top man is Dr Sanjay Gupta.

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If vagus nerve related - you've got to get your intestinal issues remedied. As well, ever had your neck/spine aligned at a chiropractor? Any neck, or back issues can cause AFIB if vagal. Does wonders for my vagal AFIB! Look up Dr. John Bergman on-line. Just drove 32 hours to get his tests, and recommendations. He's in Huntington Beach, CA. GL!!!

Hi LicasI’ve been taking verpamil 180 mg once a day and 100mg flecainde twice a day for a couple of years now and have had no side effects.I suffer from ectopics and has greatly reduced them to almost zero now.So definitely give the flecainde a try I think.

Regards Martin

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Oh thanks Martin! That’s great hear and reassuring!!

I'm in the exact same boat. I was prescribed Flecainide about 2 weeks ago, I also suffer from diverticulosis, Paroxysmal AFib, which is something that for some reason is really messing with my head; gives me so much anxiety and fear because as you've mentioned it IS the Heart! But I also get the dizzy spells and feelings of being unbalanced. The tingly feelings from the shoulders all the way down to my feet. SO MANY MORE symptoms I could list. I've been afraid to begin ANOTHER medication. I'm already taking Diltiazem and Metoprolol Tartrate...sounds like we should give Flecainide a try, just been extra anxious about it 😟😟☹😫😫 Wish us luck! God Bless!!

Licas, Over several years took flecainide to sustain sinus rhythm to counter slow afib from childhood. Found to be very effective. No side effects. Heart was accustomed to being in slow afib. What was normal to heart. Kept returning to that normal. After a couple ablations, now on rhythmol. Which has been effective too. Was grateful for flecainide.

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Thanks so much. All the feedback has really helped me to feel a bit better about it

You're not alone fella, I have been prescribed Flecanide and like you I'm nervous to take it

Hi Licas, all, I am also in this boat, I just took my first Flecanide dose this am, so wait n see with me. Had an echo done this am, that confirmed I don't have any underlying heart problems, apart from the AF so go ahead given for the Flecanide.

If I don't tolerate this too well, the alternative is Amioderone which I am not wanting to consider really as I didn't last time when waiting for my ablation 2 yrs ago.

So fingers crossed on the Flecanide and hopefully not for too long ❣

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