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Has anyone experienced pre sleep jolts or Hypnic Jerks with pvcs or short bouts of Afib due to stress/anxiety? Need some advice pls!

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Hi, so a bit about me

I'm 46

In good health

Got my blood tested in Dec, normal lipid panel and sugar levels

No one in my family has died of a heart disease or heart failure

Both my parents are in their mid 70s and in great health

BP is 110/71

Anyways been under a lot of stress and feeling anxious lately. I had chronic panic/stress disorder brought on by the isolation factor due to the pandemic. Did meditate, go out, deep breath, exercise to combat it and I was okay. My panic/anxiety attacs and related symptoms like these sleep induced pvcs stopped.

Before I took these measures, I used to experience hypnic jerks/jolts or that pre deep sleep just exhausted feeling before you go unconscious and it would cause my heart to produce some ectopics mabe 1-3 max and then some times it would be followed by a short 1 minute bout of Afib with an irregular heartbeat and then I would wake up abruptly, breath and my heart would restore it's rhythm.

As stated above, I did take measures to handle this and it worked.

However for the last few nights, or even during this afternoon when I tried to fall asleep, just when I'm crossing that mark from consciousness to unconsciousness and going into a deep slumber, I'm jolted, like a hypnic jerk and my heart produces many extra beats and today a small bout of Afib. I have been under stress and feeling anxious lately to be honest so that could be the culprit. Could this be the cause? Or something else based on my health history/background? Has anyone experienced this or am I the lone wolf or Blacksheep that experienced my heart go off rhythm slightly when I'm trying to fall alseep. Like I said, it just started a few days ago when I have been stressed and anxious and I was okay for 1 year. So I think it's mind/anxiety related but want to get a second opinion. I will try to relax, do deep breathing, meditate and sleep earlier. I've been not getting enough sleep and been stressing about a few things.


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I've never experienced anything like this myself, but my feeling is that you are worrying about this, and therefore I think you should ask a medical professional for an opinion. It won't help your stress levels if you have even background worry, and clearly something is going on. It may well not be something serious but you can't be properly reassured until someone can professionally assess and/or investigate further. Good luck and I hope it's nothing to worry about.

Sleep apnoea can produce these stmptoms. You might look further on that.


HiI had exactly the same symptoms as you described. Really used to freak me out and happened every time I was just about to go into sleep. I had it for 8 months and now it has stopped. I get really scary runs everyday and it literally feels like I’m about to die, but been told they are svts.

Stress is the main cause. I believe.

Hello.. I’ve had exactly these symptoms for a long while and know how horrible it is so I’m sorry you are suffering too. I read Dr Carolyn Dean’s book on magnesium last summer and am also now following a low slow remineralise the body (Root Cause Protocol.. Morley Robbins) on face book. Many others on there have had these symptoms and got better. It’s early days for me but I have faith in it long term (which I didn’t have from the doctors predictions for my health). You may wish to look into this too. I wish you well.

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