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Head injury while on Wafarin

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I was cutting the grass last weekend and walked into a low tree limb. I was wearing a hat to keep the sun off and just didn't see it. I got quite a jolt and it hurt like crazy. I actually hit the top of my head and it jammed my nexk a little as I was looking down. Besides a head ache it also made me a little dizzy and nauseous. I woke up the next the morning feeling the same so I called the medical advice line and was strongly advised to go to the ER which I did. I got the all clear from a CatScan but it seemed like over kill. Any thoughts? Thanks

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Oh my gosh jwsnoma, of course it wasn't overkill to get checked out. Warfarin is safe but it's serious stuff and the safety precautions are for good reason. Now you've been checked out you can relax, but before that you just didn't know if all was well!

Thanks Callendersgal,I guess I'm not getting any younger.

So I'll do the better safe than sorry.

100% correct having that scan when on anti coulaganants.