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Has anyone ever been on flecanide for ectopics alone?And if so how did you find it?

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I have been prescribed flecanide fir troublesome ectopics has anyone else ever used it for ectopics alone and how did you find it?Im not keen as l always thought ectopics were supposed to be harmless.

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In the main, Ectopics are harmless I understand. Bisoprolol might suit you more and is heart targeted.

Thank you Hamish,l already take Bisoperodol and l think the cardiologist is reluctantly prescribing flecanide as the Bisoperodol doesn’t seem to have much effect but l am very wary at the moment.

I’m on Flecainaide and Bisoprolol, latter causes me bradycardia

I did. I have had severe PACs, along with PVCs, and SVTs. Was told my heart is healthy and they were harmless but I can feel everyone of them. I would have over 8000 PACs with 24 hours without medication and that’s not counting the PVCs and SVTs. Was given Flecainide to help stop them. It worked great for me for around 8 months with no side effects. But eventually they started working through the medication. So my EP switched me to Multaq. Then that stopped working too. I had an ablation 5 weeks ago. Am not done healing yet and still have ectopics but that’s normal. But I am not on any medications right now so that’s a win for me!

Gosh you have really been through it haven’t you.Thid is the dilemma with these things isn’t it,yes they are benign in terms of life length but not so much in terms of quality of life .l do hope that your ablation is as success for you.

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