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Pvc burden has dropped, is it enough?

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I just recently had another Holter monitor and my PVC burden has dropped from 12.9% to 4.1% .. is that enough ? How bad is a 4.1% in 24 hours?

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I am wondering if you had both readings taken around the same time of the month...pvc's occur more in the week before a period due to a rise in progesterone....lots of information on this on the web.What seems to improve these is taking a magnesium supplement.

There are at least 20 variations on this mineral....but magnesium taurate which is found mainly in the heart muscle seems to help most arrhythmias ...having said that Magnesium Glycinate would also help.

There is a Dr who has used this in many patients to great effect..


Women need 350 mg per day and the first sign of low levels is often palpitations and muscle cramps.

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Niki_ in reply to Jomico

Thanks for the response. Actually the lower reading was closer to my cycle date than the one that was 12.9.. I have been taking magnesium for several months also taurine and L-arginine, I also have been doing cardio 6 days a week for 30 mins. I think those things is why the frequency went down.. I am more concerned with the question of is 4.1 % a low enough %? My dr said anything below 10% is ok. I just wondered what others have been told

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Jomico in reply to Niki_

Thankyou for your reply.Interesting to read you are taking L-Arginine....this produces nitric oxide which is good for the circulation.However when you do HIIT or exercise too frequently....you actually dump nitric oxide ...the term is NOD.This may be why your PVC's changed...lower NO....

Question....are you taking calcium supplements or eat alot of calcium rich foods?This will reduce the effectiveness of Magnesium....they only work when in balance 2:1.

Have you ever tried using D-ribose...this is a signalling molecule used by muscle and improves electric signals in the heart....often used by athletes for this reason.

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Niki_ in reply to Jomico

I just recently read about d-ribose have not tried it yet.. I used to take antacid WAY too often and used to eat a ton of dairy .. I am almost dairy free now and have lowered my antacid a lot. As far as working out I work out once a day for 30 mins on the elliptical.. so not too crazy if a work out

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Alphakiwi in reply to Niki_

How hard do you workout ?I norice that whn i workout start i g real easy for 10 and start increasing efort just starts bringing on a to high a heartrate and uncomfortable as.

I am used to training havingbeen a life long competitive cyclist till a while ago. I justeant to get fit enough to do group walks.

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Niki_ in reply to Alphakiwi

I do 30 mins on the elliptical at 6.5mph on a slight incline .. not too hard

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Alphakiwi in reply to Niki_

Got an eliptical at our gym. I will try that maybe starting at 15 mins and increasing by 5 each week

Okay ...it looks like you are doing what you can to reduce these...i wish you all success for the future.

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