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Possible Side Effects of the COVID 19 Vaccine?

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Have you or do you know if anyone has developed arrhythmia, or with worse symptoms if they have existing heart conditions, after they received the COVID 19 vaccine?

I was planning to get the COVID 19 vaccine, but I have an ongoing heart condition (sudden onset of very rapid sinus tachycardia and ectopic beats with unknown reason) and I'm on 2.5 mg Bisoprolol daily to reduce my symptoms. I have some concerns about the potential risks of worsening my symptoms or developing new symptoms after getting the vaccine (I've read in another forum that someone developed ectopic beats after the COVID 19 vaccination and I was scared).

So I'd like to know your experience if you've been vaccinated. Any side effects? If so, are they mild, moderate, or serious? Any insight is much appreciated.

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Lots of us have had an increase in arrhythmias after the vac but probably more people haven't had any problems, there's just no way of knowing how you will react. Personally I had an increase in AF and over a month on I'm still getting more ectopics and SVT, I get a lot anyway but these are more noticeable.

You have to weigh up whether you want to risk a bit more arrhythmia or catching and possibly not surviving covid !

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Which type of vaccine did you get, if you don't mind me asking? And true, everyone reacts differently with a lot of unknown factors.

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bantam12 in reply to Ash05

I had the Oxford one.

No change in my permanent AF; I was tired for a couple of weeks though. I don't usually have any particular to the flu jab either.

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Ash05 in reply to Jaws66

Thanks for the insight!

I developed very frequent 11% ectopic beats starting February 2020 after an early attack of Covid 19.

In February 2021 I had the first Pfizer jab and coincidentally began taking 2x200mg Magnesium Citrate tablets a day. Three weeks later the Ectopic beats stopped.

Last week I had my second Pfizer jab and 2 days later had a one-off 20 minute episode of ectopic beats. No more ectopics since then and I'm still taking the Magnesium Citrate.

I don't believe the first Pfizer jab stopped my ectopics, I believe starting the magnesium did that. The short return of ectopics after the second jab I think was the result of the jab but it only lasted 20 minutes and I've been free of ectopics since then.

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Thank you for the insight!

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Yes my issues stopped the day after taking magnenisum...started again when I forgot them for two days and got dehydrated and I haven't dared stop taking them since. Wouldn't do any harm as a protective. I needed to take 400mg citrate before it helped I was taking 175ish (half of 250mg) and that didn't help me. (Wasn't taking them consistently either though) taking more than that wobbles my tummy. And staying hydrated with soups and watery fruit and veg has helped the blood looking horrible in my wrists it wasnt moving well...I take Cayenne but you can't take that if you take blood thinners or anticoagulants of any kind as its dangerous ..but it helped me feel my blood flow a lot better and made me worry less about the stroke risk. I'd be more worried about getting covid and what that would do with my underlying issues than the vaccine personally. If I react that and to the vaccine I can only imagine how the full blown illness would hit me.

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I see! I will prepare some magnenisum before I get the vaccine and stay hydrated. Thanks for the advice!

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Its worth a shot. Lol! 😜

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400mg of Magnesium Citrate is exactly what I have been taking to successfully counter my ectopic beats which were continuous for almost a year before that. Your experience plus that of others who have posted here seems to indicate that it isn't just auto-suggestion.Maybe it helps some more than others but definitely worth trying for arrhythmias. One wonders why the medical profession is only marginally aware of the benefits of Magnesium?

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Please do not hesitate to contact Arrhythmia Alliance website for up to date Covid-19 information, you may even find our video link helpful too healthunlocked.com/heartrhy...

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Ash05 in reply to TracyAdmin

Thank you for the information!

Hiya I have ectopic beats which have been dampened down for want of a better phrase with 3.75 mg Bisoprolol and magnesium citrate. Have had 2 Astra Zeneca jabs now and didn’t notice any increase in arrythmia. Good luck😊

Thank you! Looks like magnenisum does help with the symptoms. I'll prepare some before getting the vaccine.

HiI suffer with ectopic beats and I’ve had the Pfizer vaccine , all I had a week later was headache and chills for couple of days..

I started taking magnesium taurate 2 months ago , as I read they were the better ones for ectopic beats...well mine have been so much better, especially bed time...I’ve had the odd bout but nothing like before, please my it continue 🙏🏻

I hope you get your vaccine . Try not to worry to much, rich coming from me as I was terrified it would bring on the beats , but no more than usual, Iam sure you will be fine..but do try the magnesium taurate.

All the best


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Jeff1943 in reply to Deary63

Yes Sue, I've heard that Magnesium Taurate is even better for bringing relief from ectopic beats and other arrhythmia problems including Afib. But I've stuck with Magnesium Citrate on the basis that if it works don't fix it.

I do very occasionally get short runs of ectopics, usually late at night when I'm fatigued or if I've eaten more than I should. I also think there is a link between ectopics and times of higher than normal anxiety.

But the 12 months of having 1 missed beat in ten 24/7 are a thing of the past.

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