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Covid 19 vaccination

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Hello everyone.

I hope you're all well and keeping safe. I was just wondering if anyone on here that has a condition cpvt have had their covid-19 vaccination yet?


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i had mine last thursday :) im 61 and overweight ...the txt came out of the blue as i had been told AF is not an underlying condition

Blavet in reply to Jamse

Hi there. AF is not an underlying condition, you were probably called because they were calling the over 60s 😊

Jamse in reply to Blavet

over 65s that day so there must be another clue ..maybe my bmi ?

Blavet in reply to Jamse

I’m sure your feeling much happier for receiving the vaccine.

Jamse in reply to Blavet

had two negative tests at work too :)

Hello Elvis4. If you haven’t had the vaccine yet, I would just check with your GP. You maybe now classed as vulnerable, not absolutely sure but with your condition you should definitely have the vaccine. They know now that catching covid causes inflammation in various parts of the body including the heart. Good luck

Elvis4 in reply to Blavet

Good morning Blavet & James😊

Thank you for your replies. Yes I have been told by my GP I am in the vulnerable category & should be hearing soon.😊

Blavet in reply to Elvis4

I had the Pfizer vaccine in January because I work for the NHS and I had no problems, other than a bit of a sore arm for 24 hrs.


Hello - if you would like some advice regarding the vaccine, you may find our Arrhythmias and Covid-19 Vaccine video useful - here at A-A we have some of our FAQ to medical professionals. Please do not hesitate to visit our website for Covid-19 advice

Hi Elvis4

I had Pfizer vaccine Tuesday week ago , I was really worried about having it as I suffer with ectopic beats and was sure it would set them off .....

But the nurse really made me feel at ease about having it!

I was fine until Sunday and felt tired, then Monday felt so cold and had headache for couple of days plus a few ectopic beats too , so rung my spoke to my doctor and she said it can have an affect on you up until a week after , but I’ve been fine since, when I have my 2nd vaccine Iam gone to dose myself up with paracetamol before hand πŸ˜ƒ

Hope it all goes well for you


Yes, on 4th February. I am clinically extremely vulnerable and aged 74. Waiting for the call-up for the second vaccination.

Well I'd be worried about blood pooling in the heart chambers and causing a blood cot. My father in law had his first jab that was thrust on him with no information about what jab it was or if he should have it, he said the nurse who came to his home was complaining about not getting paid for the jab lol a few days later in hospital with a stroke, now out of hospital and still unaware of what's going on but waiting for his 2nd jab. No information for the older generation just going to their homes jabbing them up. Not good concidering now he has just told us his kidneys are packing up. So I won't be having the jab and none of my close family will be having the jab either

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