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I have ectopic beats all day, everyday.... does anybody else?


Hello. I wondered if anyone could help me. I have had palpitations on and off for 10 years.. but the last 6 months I've had them continually. I wake up and they are there til bed time. I've had an ecg and they have told me I have ectopic beats. They have also put me on medication for tachycardia.

I cant help but worry... I just can't believe that with my heart being like this that its 'normal... im so scared that my heart is going to stop.

Does anybody else experience them all day? Xx

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hello samantha, I am so sorry to hear how worried you are and that you are struggling with this situation. I'm sure someone qualified will be along to help you as there is a wealth of knowledge on this fantastic forum.... and you are not alone so please do try not to worry as that is not helping tho easier said than done. On 1st Dec 2020 I had an arrhythmic attack at 2 am which gave me rocketing then plummeting heart beats, but no pain luckily... My Dr next day ordered ECG and bloods all normal by then, and had referred me to cardio.... may need a 24 hr monitor which will no doubt also come back normal. Luckily I have a little oximeter as have breathing problems, and I video'd the recordings which I could then show my Dr. I'm so glad I've got it from Amazon uk, sorry if I sound like an ad... but honestly it's really given me confidence that if this ever happens again God forbid, I can pop my little oximeter on my finger and it will show the rhythm of my heart beat and beats per minute... it also shows your oxygen level and beeps if it goes below 93... also useful as you can get light headed or faint if too little oxygen... this could then be relayed on a 111 or 999 call, or to your dr when you see him... anyway samantha I hope this might help you not to worry so much, and remember you are not on your ow... best wishes Polly

Hi Samantha.....I’m sorry to hear that you are so worried at the moment. I have a rare heart condition and have a defibrillator fitted which causes me to worry constantly ,but I try to get on with as normal life as possible. However ,on holiday a while ago I started getting weird ectopic all day and then they became “double ones” apparently called bigeminy ! I saw my cardiologist and he didn’t seem overly concerned but has pointed out to me over the last 13 years that I have been seeing him that they WONT KILL YOU!!! I know they’re frightening ,but healthy hearts get them and some people don’t even notice them happening. B ecause we have heart conditions it automatically tunes you in to looking for anything abnormal! The last 6 months has been stressful for everyone ,and stress is your biggest enemy right now. Try to focus on ANYTHING else when they start ,learn to distract yourself and you will probably see them disappear. I’m 74 and still surviving them!....and I aim to try and live a lot longer just to be a damned old nuisance!!!! I hope I’ve reassured you. By the way ....I find sometimes chocolate and the odd drink can spark them off try keeping a “food diary” and see if it happens after eating a certain thing and then eliminate to see if it works. Above all RELAX.

Hi Samantha.I've had arrhythmias for the last 21 years. Started when I was diagnosed with Grave's disease. I was prescribed 25mg atenolol. I still take it.

First it was pvc's, one or two every minute. Then they settled down a little but never stopped.

About 6 years ago those went away and all was normal.

After about 5 months, the ectopics started. Normal rhythm, then 3-4 faster beats, then back to normal rhythm again.

Sometimes it happens a lot, sometimes not at all.

I've had EKGs, echo's, stress tests, all that stuff and they didn't find anything wrong.

I turned 60 in August and it still happens.

No sob, no pain or dizziness. So, I just ignore it. If I have a day where they are frequent and make me nervous, I take half an Ativan and that settles me down.

It's a pain in the tail, I know. But, if your doc says not to worry, try not to. When these things are benign, the most important thing your doc can give you is reassurance.

Have a look at this, Dr Sanjay Gupta has lots of YouTube posts on ectopics:


Hello samantha sorry for that but All i can say is that i exprecience same palpitations through the day for almost 2month constantly while am on propranolol but i feel fluttering/ pounding of my heart from the chest. And doc has said it is due to my overactive thyroid.

How is your case now . Are you feeling better

We all feel these differently - I have had constant pvc/ectopics for many years (low heart rate and several 'missed/extra beats' every minute of 24 hrs) - A Fib can be seen on ecg all the time. However I live a normal life and only take anticoagulant (for increased stroke risk) no other drug or ablation.I was advised that I should have an ablation but as my quality of life was fine, I said no, my HR got still lower (30-45) so I was offered an icd but put it off -- my HR is now a little faster (45-55) so the pacemaker is no longer recommended.

I already had a pretty good lifestyle/weight/fitness so haven't really changed anything but seems to be improving - adaptation/luck I guess - so I hope others can have this luck.

I'm not generally the anxious type but was a little concerned when first diagnosed with arrhythmia (over 20 years ago, I'm 72) - am still interested in the medical science but don't worry about myself much anymore.

So best of luck to all with pvcs ectopics arrhythmias

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