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Bisoprolol for tachycardia?


Hiya guys

I've basically has this spontaneous diurnal tachycardia which no one is able to put a cause to at the moment. I've been tried on Bisoprolol 2.5mg for this. And to some effect it is working. Before I was ranging from 90-180 now I'm anywhere between 58-130. However I have noticed my blood pressure has gone up! I never used to have a problem with blood pressure but now it's going up to 144/84. Is this normal with beta blockers? I was under the impression it should be lowering both.

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Betablockers should lower your blood pressure, if you are finding yours is higher then it might be worth trying a different one. Betablockers work in different ways and after 5 years on Bisoprolol it just wasn't working for me as there was still far too much fluctuation in my heart rate so I changed to propranolol and it works much better for me, I still get the peaks and troughs but it doesn't tend to dip under 65 anymore and doesn't seem to be over 100 much either. The range for me is better on propranolol. Everyone is different though.

I have been on a lot of different medication for my heart treatment but bisoprolol has been the best so far ask your consultant about the treatment I recently had they put you to sleep and shock your heart to it's normal rythmn it's painless when you come to your heart should be beating properly might last for a while but I have had this problem for 45 years + mine lasted for 2 weeks so there is another operation my consultant is going to do in april hopefully this will be successful never give up mate

Is this treatment for A/fib ?

ask your consultant and tell him what I have wrote about the treatment see what he says

Thank you.

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