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Looking for any advice please


I’ve been experiencing frequent palpitations, skipped and miss beats for several months now. I have had many ecgs including a 24 hour one which just shown sinus tachycardia therefore my GP was happy to put it down to anxiety.

The first couple of days of April this year I started experiencing a sort of dropping sensation like I was going to faint. On the 5th April I got really dizzy and fainted and my heart rate was around 180bpm I attended a&e and my ecg shown sinus tachycardia. They suggested I have a longer ecg and echo and that I may have SVT, but my gp said this wasn’t necessary.

I had another episode exactly like this on the 5th May this year and attended a&e again, ecg shown the same. The doctor suggested it was anxiety not SVT and just gave me propranolol.

It is now the 27th May and I am starting to experience the same dropping sensation like I’m going to faint and I am afraid I’m going to have another episode of palpitations.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this or does anyone have any clue what I should do? I’m terrified, many thanks

Own Gp suggests anxiety

Other GP suggests SVT

Chest pain clinic suggests POTS

A&e suggested SVT

Other a&e doc suggests Anxiety

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I am sorry about your experiences. Every time you feel bad go back to Dr's, don't sit on it. And ask for a referral to see a cardiologist. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Also ignore the anxiety diagnosis until everything else ruled out. I think a lot here were in the same boat told anxiety and it wasn't. Hope you get some consistent help soon. Best wishes

erin_jonesx in reply to Longqt

Thank you for replying, I will do it’s just so annoying having to go back all of the time and even if I ask I’m afraid I’ll be told ‘it’s just anxiety’ as always.

Longqt in reply to erin_jonesx

I have little time for the anxiety diagnosis in life. I was told that, when I didn't feel anxious. It took until it happened in my sleep and was recorded as such to be told it wasn't anxiety. I feel with anxiety what came first the chicken or the egg. Also agree with what everyone else has written here.

They always say it is the anxiety. Of course it is when you feel so bad. What can you do?

Not much I am afraid. First take something to calm down. Take prescribed med. on regular bases. Take mg citrat every day. When it is really bad lie down and breath deep and slowly.

I had such a bad day yesterday. Good luck.

erin_jonesx in reply to alseja

Thank you for replying, I’m on sertraline so I take that every morning. I will try to lie down and breathe deeply the next time it happens

I totally sympathise with you. Cardiac arrhythmia is very unnerving. I’ve had 24/7 multiple ectopics, paroxysmal AF, and SVT for a long time, worsened recently. Anxiety can make it worse, but I would say is a very small part of the whole equation. Your HR of 180pm is almost certainly SVT. I use a hand-held ECG monitor (HealForce PC80B) to capture the worst rhythms, which I can download to a computer, and send to my cardiologist. That’s the optimal way to ensure that your worst rhythms are recorded, and can be analysed. I’ve been on betablockers for years, but recently started on Flecainide (not for everyone), which has made a night and day difference. Now I can live my life again! Good luck!

erin_jonesx in reply to drooi

Hi thank you for replying, I’m sorry you have to experience all of that. I have a Kardia ecg monitor so I use that to record when I can feel it. I did show my gp the recording and she didn’t seem to be worried

drooi in reply to erin_jonesx

Most GPs have little clue about ECGs. I was a GP for 30 years, and would admit I had only basic knowledge of ECGs. Cardiac arrhythmia is a complex subject. Since suffering from it myself I have realised how little I knew about the condition!

erin_jonesx in reply to drooi

If it occurs again I am hopeful I will see a cardiologist of some sort, I will be sure to show them the recordings and see what they think

tmjourney in reply to drooi

Hey Drooi! My doc wants to give me flec and I’m terrified! Did you have side effects? Also did you have high heart rate?

Get a second opinion .

Hi thank you for replying, who would you suggest I get it from?

I would ask or tell your GP that you would like a referral for a second opinion.Which I add,you are entitled to if you are not happy.

Okay thank you, if it occurs again I will be sure to do so

Just to encourage you. I have these skipped beats, pressure in my chest .. for more than 8 years. Symptoms change all the time. It is not easy to live with this but what can we do.

Maybe my doctor will change medic. to me. I have an appointment tomorrow.

erin_jonesx in reply to alseja

Thank you for replying I’m sorry that you experience them also, I hope you get them under control

erin_jonesx in reply to alseja

Thank you for replying I’m sorry that you experience them also, I hope you get them under control

So sorry you're having these issues. I'd go with the second go. I don't think anxiety is the issue. Think I'd feel better with getting one more doctors option. Prayers for you🙏

erin_jonesx in reply to Spanaway

Thank you, hopefully ill get another opinion

Spanaway in reply to erin_jonesx

Prayers going up for you🙏

Hi Erin. J I suggest that you look also at StopAfib.org Forum and explain your story. There are people with a lot of knowledge. Good luck.

Hey Erin! I am in the exact same boat as you right now! I have been in the hospital for 7 days for this, have you figured out anything?

Hi Erin, can I just ask how old you are? I had a single episode of a very fast heart beat out of the blue. (I also occasionally have ectopics). It was elevated for four hours. Very frightening. I was told it could be down to hormones in the lead up to menopause (peri menopause). I’m 44 and also very nervous about another episode.


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