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Today's Hot Topic 05/02/18


Our HOT TOPIC this week is relaxation and mindfulness. Do you find that relaxation, mindfulness or meditation helps with your arrhythmia? Do you have any de-stressing tips that work for you? Let us know, and also remember that we are here to answer any questions!

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After I had my ICD fitted, I found that I was plagued with even more pvc’s, which I put down to anxiety. I thought that every little flutter would set off my device and give me a shock. I decided to try mindfulness and bought some adult colouring books. They saved me! Every time I felt anxious, I started colouring and this completely stopped me thinking about my heart, pulling my out of the panic. I appreciate that colouring isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but for me it proved that we are in more control than we think. We just need to find the right method to help us.

Recently started Tai Chi,excellent for steadying my heart rate and breathing.

BobJensen in reply to wilsond

That is great. Good luck with that.

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