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Ectopic beats help

I am a 29 year old male I have been having ectopics for around 10/11 years but recently they have gone to volume 11 , I will be getting 2 3 4 at a time and this has become frequent, I have recently had a reveal linq fitted to try and see what is going on ( but only because I mitherd and mitherd ) and I am still told I’m all good . Advice please I’m terrified

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Hi, I know how you feel, honestly. I've also had these things for years - about 30! Had reveal monitor for a couple of years and they said I had supra ventricular ectopics, not important. Monitor came out earlier this year. Lately they've been getting much worse again, so much so I've just bought a Kardia monitor. Now even more worried as my trace looks nothing like my husband's, which looks as I would expect. Mine is all over and just weird. It's so scary, but you're not alone. We've all been having them for years. But I know I still panic when it's bad. I get odd ones, and also in runs. Can go on for what seems like hours. I counted 12 - 15 skipped beats a minute the other night in bed. I try to think, been here before, it'll pass. Doesn't always help though!


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