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Hello I'm new to this I have arrhythmia and it's worse when I'm in bed and if I lay on my left side does this affect anyone else

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  • Hi! Yes you will find that lying on left side often affects arrhythmia and can even trigger an AF episode. You may find it helps to sleep with an extra pillow or two.

    Personally I can only lie on my left side or back but I've learnt the right position for me with plenty of pillows if I'm in a particularly vulnerable state!


  • Thanks I will try the pillows I do like to sleep on my left side so it's been a problem sleeping

  • You will get to know by trial and error what works best for you. I used to suffer from Reflux and of course that is made worse by lying on the right side so it was always the left side for me.

  • I can not sleep on my left side or the palpitations are to much for me to handle. I usually sleep on my back. And when I’m in an episode I have to sleep more elevated than normal. Flat just seems to make everything worse.

    I am fairly new to the diagnosis SVT too but have had palpitations for about 23 yrs.

  • Lying in bed was always the worst time for me. It's when your resting and quiet and therefore nothing else to take your mind off the condition. I used to lie awake for hours just checking and listening to my heart beat. All now seems so irrational after 11 years but that's human nature.

    Whilst I rarely notice my permanent AF now, it's usually when I am resting that I notice it at all. Whenever I am exercising, the irregularity is never a problem though I may feel more breathless than I would otherwise expect.

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