Water retention.

Hi folks,

I had a pacemaker fitted last year, after suffering a cardiac arrest. Everything seemed to go well. However I started gaining weight & my rehab nurse has told me it's water retention I'm suffering from. Has anyone had this before & if so how do you rectify it? I have been told to take two fusemide (water tablets) daily I was only on one before. Any suggestions would be kindly received.

Thank you Steve......?.

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  • Water retention is not an automatic result of having a pacemaker so you need to go back to your medics your GP and consultant and ask for your full diagnosis and what underlying condition is causing this. You need to be honestly informed of your own health issues so that you can understand them and look after yourself properly.

    Take care


  • Thank you Jo, for your quick reply & I'll try & get GP appointment next week. Thanks again. Do you know what causes water retention???


  • I think a number of things and that is why I would be reluctant to diagnose you with no medical qualifications, testing or investigation. If it were me I would be asking if there was any evidence of heart failure (not such a dramatic thing as it sounds written down but sometimes the heart can struggle and sometimes it can be reversed or stopped from getting worse) but also kidney function tests etc.

    Equally water retention can be a transient thing hormone related for women or due to hot and humid weather so don't be alarmed just ask questions to ensure you get the information and treatment you deserve from your medics some of whom are not great communicators and maybe assume you know or that you don't need to know. Personally I prefer full disclosure and involvement in my own health.

    Take care


  • Thank you again Jo, I will go for a full disclosure of my health, cheers.


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