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Systolic Ejection Murmur

Hi All,

So my partner had his initial consultation with the cardiologist after 3 months of waiting :(, and he advised him they will do three tests Stress test, Echo, 48 Hour ECG. He said they would all be done within the next three months and he got his follow up appointment for 20th December :( So long.

We got a copy of the report he sent to the GP and saw Systolic Ejection Murmur Heard on auscultation. Now the concern we have is that the cardiologist did not mention he heard a murmur during the consultation and naturally we both went on a google frenzie of this and started freaking ourselves out that it could be endocarditis or a leaky valve as this murmur was not picked up a few years ago by top consultant and extensive testing leading us to believe is new and recent.

We know this is not something he was born with as he was seen by one of the best cardiologists 6 years ago and underwent every test you could possibly do who gave the diagnoses of WAP, and said it was a harmless arrhythmia. What led us to get re referred was the reoccurring pericarditis and more palpitations and ectopic beats.

Has anyone had a experience with a newly diagnosed murmur? Our worry is we have a holiday booked to Costa Rica in November and that's before he will even see the cardiologist and we worry traveling this far and being in the remote resort by a jungle means no emergency services near by.

Of course before we indeed knew about the murmur we were not too concerned about traveling, and suspected his tests would all come back fine as he has had pericarditis a few times and has a wandering atrial heartbeat.

We are on the verge of paying to have a private Echocardiogram, as the wait lists are too long and its driving us insane with the unknown.

My partner is 26 and has been diagnosed with high cholesterol, however it was not sky high and he has changed his diet and if it remains high he will go on statins but naturally he wants to avoid them if he can.

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