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PSVT Arrhythmia is under control

I have a PSVT Arrhythmia, but it is under control with medication. I use a beta blocker daily. 25 mg Metropolol and 81 mg low dose aspirin. I have not had any palpitations since October 9, 2015. I see my cardiologist every 4 months. I also see my electrophysiologist every 4 months. He implanted a loop recorder April 19, 2016. It is working well. A technician checks my loop recorder every time I visit the doctor. I hope everyone has success with their arrhythmia.

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Hi Bob,

Your very lucky seeing your specialists every 4 mths, I'm not gripeing, but I see mine, twice year. I suppose I'm lucky aswell, well I am still here & I supposed to be on death's door last year. I had AF 10% rising to 15% after pacemaker op, it makes a big difference that extra 5%. However they were on about Liver & Kidney failure aswell, but nothings come about that now, I repairing myself apparently, with the help of drugs. Bisporol, Fursoline, Rampiral, Ranidine 2 daily, Spironderol, Thamidine, Very strong vitamin B 6 daily & Aspirin.

Thanks Steve......

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Hang in there.


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