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Mini loop recorder

Hi all,

I am scheduled to have one of these fitted a couple of days before Christmas and have some questions for those of you that have had one fitted.

1. Does the fitting hurt?

2. Does the local anaesthetic they use have any effect on your heart beat? I am guessing it is different to the dentist stuff and due to the nature of the implant wouldn't aggravate arrythmia

3. What was the recovery like? I've read horror stories of them forcing their way out of your skin etc

4. Have you had stuff picked up and how long did it take?

5. Does stuff get picked up by whoever looks at the ECG as well as when you click a button etc?

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.


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Hi I had one fitted in September . Personally I found it much easier than I thought it was going to be . There was no pain just slight discomfort when they had to apply a bit of pressure at the end . The local anaesthetic worked well and had no effect other than numbing everything nicely . I drove myself there and back .. wasn't supposed to but wasn't told that till I'd had it done . When I have an episode of concern I put the small device over the implant press the button which saves the recording. Then after I use the hand piece on the plugged in device next to my bed and download the event to the hospital . I then ring them to tell them I've downloaded and they check their recordings they then ring me back with their assessment. I've only done that once so far .

The recovery is just a matter of keeping the area dry for a while there was a tiny bit of bruising stitches they glued the skin together. I wouldn't worry about it it's amazing technology and I'm reassured its in and will pick up any problems if they happen

Good luck

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Interesting. Iam curious what is it and why Are they implanting I used a device called a heart memo recorder years ago which I placed over my heart to record symptoms. I have a pacemaker now which i can send data from as a secondary function.

Fill me in please. Is it to track af.

Hope it goes well for you.

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Hello, thank you very much. That sounds like fairly similar technology. I hope you are in good health now.

They are placing the loop recorder due to two episodes of near syncope and suspected Afib episodes (my kardia monitor said afib a few times when I felt funny). They keep telling me 29 is too young for rhythm problems and I keep telling them it is not in my head. I hope this gets to the bottom of things! I will keep this thread updated. x


Hi Lucy, thank you for replying with your experience. You have put my mind at ease somewhat. I was panicking as I am not a fan of hospitals at all! x


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