Here we go again had a visit from the physiotherapist yesterday Sunday 14th Aug. He told me, he couldn't really help me with any exercise routines, because my heart is to weak 10% active instead of 65%. So now I have to wait until I've had my cardio implant, and he told me I shouldn't be doing any exercise, as it could affect my heart. I get so confused with these professionals, one says one thing & the other says some completely opposite.


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  • Very sorry to hear that and obviously frustrating for you.

    He is only doing his job as he had been trained or the current guidelines. Was it the cardiologist who suggested physio and was that recently?

  • Hi PeterWh,

    It was a occupational health therapist, that advised us. Physio has signed himself off now. He told me to go through cardiology team, which I will do when I see them. Thanks for the reply. I know they're only doing their jobs. It just seems like nothing's happening now. I suppose it's a waiting game now until after operation.....


  • Must be so frustrating for you, but I would suggest that it is better to err on the side of caution. Have you had any indication when the implant will be carried out?

    Best wishes to you in this uncertainty

  • Hi Bulver,

    Yes, pre-op today 16th Aug & main operation 22nd Aug. So not long.

    It's just I do feel fit for anything some days, then on others I'm completely done in... thanks for the reply.


  • Steve, I was wondering how you are getting on last night before I saw this. It must be so annoying to get conflicting advice. No good telling you what advice I get as your situation might well be different. It wasn't that long since you were discharged and I know I waited about three months before my exercise routine was started. Try not to be impatient, I know I would be though. Otherwise, everything all right? Penny

  • Well thanks Penny,

    I now know I am having a pacemaker fitted & there is no funding for my condition to have physio. I should get a leaflet or booklet tell me what I can do & eat / drink. It goes from there then the operation is on 22nd Aug, so will let you know after that Thank you again Penny.


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