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The weird world of right vent ectopics

I have been on an almost constant run of these since Feb this year. My body gives me an occasional day off, once or twice a week, and then usually the next day its back with vigour. Sods law isnt it that the day i have an appointment with the head man in Manchester its a day off ! absolutely sod all on the ECG. Yet the day after I was hammered with ectopics.

Nothing new about any of the above I,m sure but I have noticed some strange things such as :

Wake up in the am , nothing , bend down to pick something up or tie my shoes and bam the first one of the day. They then continue on movement for the rest of the day, usually bending or rising from seated or sitting from standing.

A damn good cough will sometimes shift symptoms that have been there most of the day. I had a coughing fit after some fierce pickle and boom gone instantly.

On other times a hot drink will stop them , but not always.

i hope some cardiologists read this forum , I am convinced there is a physical element to the problem as well as an electrical misfire issue. I,m no expert but would suggest that blood pressure ( rising and sittting symptoms ) has a bearing on matters and i,m very convinced that the throat , Diaphram has a lot to do with it.

So this is a strange world indeed but at least I get some breaks from them.

Make of this what you will ...

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hello, have you looked at POTS , this is postural orthostatic taccycardia syndrome. It is a blood pressure change on standing up from lying or sitting and gives heart symptoms. HAve alook at their webpages, it is an under diagnosed condition.

Hope you get to the bottom of things soon, with kind wishes Dee.

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Sounds very familiar. I had five weeks in which I didn't know what to do with myself, I wanted to run away from my own body! This was over Christmas and into February. My 24 hr holster showed nothing because it went away the week before and I've had three more week long episodes since then. I had a letter saying they have discharged me because there was nothing on the ECG. The last two runs were since the ECG. So what do I do now. Go back to GP and start all over again waiting to be referred back? I can't face it really so after reading other people's experiences regarding triggers, ie: vagal stimulation, which I think is a big one with me, I've stopped eating after 5 - 6 pm and dose up on gaviscon if I feel the slightest bit full before bed. The last two runs I had were both while away on holiday. So am wondering if stress and being out of a familiar routine can do it too. I've noticed , like you, that movement while on a run can also affect it although i don't think it triggers a run with me. So although I've not had an official diagnosis I think I've diagnosed myself because from what I've heard, the medics in this country don't believe in vagal AF. Patients don't know their own bodies and are not worth listening to.


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