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Health Benefits of Rooibos Tea

I drink rooibos tea nearly every day. My grandmother believes in it like the bible.

My wife and I have also used it when my children (still babies) had colic (stomach cramps), and it worked wonders.

It is totally CAFFEINE FREE, no it is not some sort of decaffeinated version of rooibos, the real rooibos is NATURALLY CAFFEINE FREE! This may be one of the most important health benefits of rooibos tea.

For my afib heart, and a bit of anxiety that is very good news. I know that the jury is still out, about if too much coffee can trigger an afib attack, maybe or maybe not. With Rooibos you are certain – there’s no caffeine. I drink coffee daily, but also enjoy the benefits of rooibos tea a few times a day -STRESS AND CAFFEINE FREE.

Rooibos is not this super thing that will cure everything in a minute, but I make it part of my life, espesially when I feel that I must relax a bit and do not want the caffeine in coffee to lift my heart rate, or dehydrate me.

I wrote a small blog and infographic about it :

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I used to drink it but the smell is so utterly vile I can't bear it!!!!!!


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