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I Have an Arrhythmia---Paroxysmal Supraventricular Tachycardia (PSVT)


Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT)

Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia (PSVT) is episodes of rapid heart rate that start in a part of the heart above the ventricles. "Paroxysmal" means from time to time.

My arrhythmia was diagnosed in October 2015. My cardiologist put me on a beta blocker 25 mg daily of metoprolol and 81 mg low dose aspirin. I am doing well. He sent me to an electrophysioloist. He will implant a loop recorder on Tuesday, April 19, 2016. Does anyone else have a loop recorder implanted in their chest?

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I had palpitations in September and October 2015.

A friend of mine does and she does not think of it as a big deal. I think it must be tiny. 

BobJensen in reply to Beta44

It is small. Mine was implanted today. No problems.

The ILR monitors the electrical activity of the heart, continuously storing information in its circular memory (the "loop" of the name) as electrocardiograms (ECGs). Abnormal activity such as arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats) is recorded by "freezing" a segment of the memory for later review. Typically, up to three episodes of abnormal activity can be stored,[2] with the most recent episode replacing the oldest.[3]

I had one implanted and it was removed last August after they implanted a pacemaker. It was discovered that I have frequent episodes of bigiminy, but I also have Afib and episodes of svt. Ithe has helped the bigiminy buthe it cannot fix the svt or afib.

Evefay  Thanks for sharing. I hope you stay well.




a cardiac rhythm in which each normal beat is followed by an abnormal one.

This is a picture of my loop recorder. It is working well. It is still sore where it was implanted. I will have it for 3 years.

Hi I'm new to this site but I wanted to reply because a lot of my symptoms are similar to yours and I have had a heart loop recorder implanted since November 2015 it records your heart all the time 24/7  and you send a recording to the pacemaker clinic every 3 months it's very easy .and don't worry about it  being implanted it only takes about 10mins to implant and update info you don't feel anything

Lum74 Thanks. My loop recorder is working fine. My heart is healthy.

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