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So confused...svt

Nearly 8 weeks since I was diagnosed with svt & even more confused than ever.

Original ecg inconclusive for diagnosis so eventually booked for cardiologist appointment & 24 hr monitor.

Since starting meds I've felt worse than ever. No palpitations but chest pain (like someone is sitting on my chest). Finally they've told me they want to up the meds so hopefully it will work.

I've been told the pains are part of an 'episode' but I'm not feeling palpitations because the beta blockers are sorting this correct?

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Sounds very familiar! What meds are you on, vikki? I had quite severe chest pains on bisoprolol, much better on propanolol but still not pain free - I felt much betetr than this on nothing at all!


I am having the same experience, I had the 24 hr monitor in October. All previous ECG's over the years came back ok but with this latest one I was diagnosed with SVT 15 seconds... Whatever that is! I am on beta blockers when needed. Usually one a day but the prescription says up to two. It is a bit worrying, I get a pain in the middle of the breastbone and sometimes feels like it gone through to my back. I have had arm pains and tingly fingers, this is not all the time though. Sometimes I get breathless when talking. All this has become noticeable because I have had a couple of seizures, the last one in June this year. I have been classed as epileptic by the Dvla so can't drive and had my licence revoked, but the docs think my blackouts are due to this SVT. I am now waiting for an appointment to see cardiologist! This is since June! I don't know whether all these symptoms are in my head now because of worrying about it. I am in propranolol too.


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