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Has anyone else experienced these sort of symptoms?

I think I need some reassurance that I am not imagining things. I live on my own so everything is so much more scary. I was referred to a cardiologist 3 months ago for extreme tiredness and a heart rate below 50 beats a minute. Since then my blood tests are negative, my heart scan shows it is physically OK, 48 hour monitor did not pick up anything except a few 'blips' according to the consultant, then after taking my monitor back, involving taking 4 buses. My extremities went freezing cold then within approx. 2 hrs I suddenly nearly passed out, since then after most activities I get palpitations and dizziness always delayed not during activity (so far) which lulls me into a false sense of security until I get these unexpected symptoms, my heart thumps that much it makes me cough sometimes with pressure in my neck and head, I get extremely tired some days and not others, even when I do nothing, sleeping between 2 - 3 hrs in the afternoon as well as at night. I am now on my 3rd monitor as the 7 day event monitor the consultant ordered was defective so it did not record any of the events that I was so sure would tell the consultant what was wrong. I am not expecting anyone on here to give me a diagnosis that would be ridiculous, just need to know that I am not alone.

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No you are not alone, I feel the same sometimes, no set pattern and nothing that I can really pin down to anything, not even a regular symptom. Living on your own may be a contributing factor as your mind will work overtime running through endless possibilities. I can empathise, recently I was half convinced that I was in the process of a heart attack as I was experiencing most of the symptoms but something at the back of my mind told me I was not, so I sort of know what you mean. I have decided that my issue is probably stress and anxiety and the symptoms would support this too, on The surface by what you have said I would be looking at that, talk it over with someone medical.


Thank you for your reply, I wish it was to do with stress and anxiety. Being logical it would mean I would get the symptoms regardless of what I was doing, the more I do the worse they get. There is a pattern of some sort, I think the consultant would have sent me packing by now if there was nothing wrong and the doctor has signed me off work. Of course I really hope there isn't anything wrong with my heart but it is in the family. I know I am not having a heart attack and just go with the flow and make sure I am sitting down. When you think you are about to pass out that is when it gets a bit more scary. I am pretty down to earth and do not obsess with what may or may not be wrong, I think it is the lack of information and advice from the professionals while I am going through all these tests that really makes things worse, talking about it and getting support from people who are going through the same thing can only help me feel better until I get a diagnosis of some sort.

Thank you again for taking the trouble to write.


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