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hearing aids help did i give up to soon


well i was diagnosed with bad hearing so when aids available i jumped in car happy as larry at audi paul come in there in the box was my new worldso out it came and the big switch i was thinking of those kids you see and switch there devices on absolutely overwhelming Now pauls big moment switch try it radio 1 taxis so much i pulled it out i will some adjustments ok say i head still vibrating dont know what they do but adjust she did There try that airport police i think Noisy a lot shissing you have to get used to them Ok says i but was out ear b4 home tried numerous times with family no joy sos but this is the best place i been to getting GOOD FEEDBACK OFF ALL some rhuemies are leave it paul most great question what to do next stay nhs or private thanks for any replies

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If you haven't heard for awhile you would have to get use to hearing all those sounds again and retrain your brain. You need to be patient. If after a week or two they aren't right then go get them adjusted at the audiologist. What is your hearing loss? Do they help you understand speech better? I've never worn hearing aids. My audiologist said that with my loss they wouldn't help me. She didn't have anything that powerful. She recommended me for Cochlear Implants but I didn't qualify for them because I have too much nerve damage. So I am to live with my deafness. I am now learning sign language. I wish you the best Paul.

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hi val i can hear just loosing people conversation is nil if not at side of me sometimes face to face depending tone of voice erm its good of you to reply what i like to know whats the % of likes to not like reason for just baffled me me tried and went back but noise was to muchanyways got me horse started making a noise meslf forther exams there a couple of extras to this but i would bore pants off peeps thanks again

It’s a bit tricky to follow your post. Are you picking up radio 1 in your aids?

I have aids. My loss is in the speech range. I was amazed how noisy my car was on the way home and also I can now hear birds sing. It’s never the same as it was though. They’re not a miracle cure.

It does take time for your brain to filter out the brash noises like putting a fork on the table. However I did find my first aids unbearably loud. They switched me to a different make ( still on nhs) and they’ve been fine... though seem quiet now. My hearing may have got worse!

There are still times when I will turn mine off. A screaming child or police sirens for example are unbearable. Try yours again but perhaps when there aren’t so many loud noises until you are used to them?

I would return to the audiologists if you have genuinely tried. They may be able to tweak something or try a different aid. My sister is registered disabled deaf and also has certain makes she hasn’t been able to get on with.

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hi ruby did you not have a radio with earplugs and all you got was that wooshing noise turn your head one way radio 1 then Luxembourg (now theirs one for the silver brigade) it seems you have had your moments with and i feel very uncomfortable with them anyways getting ready to to clinic so will let yous all know i dont expect miricles but if iwas 900 hundred i would so there must b soMe thing amiss if peeps are WILLING TO PAY THAT on my way byeeeeeeeeeeeee

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ah I see - what you mean is the sort of white noise you hear with an untuned radio. Never listened to Radio Luxembourg for that reason!

Good luck at the clinic. I suspect they will be able to make things better for you, but it does definitely take a little time to get used to them, so persevere!

I nearly chucked my aids after a week, due to the extra noise and discomfort, but I stuck with them and I'm glad I did. After a month I was pretty much hooked on them. By then I'd got used to all the unusual sounds I hadn't picked up before - I never knew my car's indicator clicked! So try and stick with them, I think you'll find it worthwhile in the end. I use NHS ones (Oticon Spirit Synergy) but I'm thinking of trying private ones as the support may be better.

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hi mark your the same as me with flashers wonder why peeps flashing and other mike have you into private ones don't think i could pay 6 7 8 hundred without trial chuck

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