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Hi new to the site. I am 64 and have had loss of hearing due to severe tinnitus. I only wear one hearing aid in my left ear but now find my hearing is restricted in my right ear. Has anyone else lost hearing due to Tinnitus

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Yip that would be me!! Haha, same age as you. I have had Tinnitus since I was 50 mostly in my right ear, which has the poorer hearing. I have been wearing aids for the past 3 years. I find they are great because I cannot hear the Tinnitus. Lyn NZ

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Yes the hearing aids do help the drown out the tinnitus. I was advised to wear them all day and not to take them out to I was in bed. I am not a good sleeper due to back and hip pain so I am still aware of it. My mum was also a sufferer and wore hearing aids, my dad was deaf for most of his life so it does run in the family

Hi Wednesday, I'm younger at 58, but have bilateral aids, with corda not a mold, and just lately my tinnitus has been getting worse with a concurrent loss of hearing. I'd heard from a GP that tinnitus is the brain's way of making noise to compensate for the loss of hearing, but I'm not entirely convinced of that explanation.

I can see how with tinnitus, you can't hear the sounds the tinnitus is blocking but as to it causing the hearing loss, perhaps they happen together rather than one causing the other. Do some people have hearing loss without tinnitus?

But we are each different, so it could be that way for you. Do you have tinnitus in your right ear?


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Hi Mickeyjoints, I have only just started to get tinnitus in my right ear but its bearable. My left ear is awful at night, was given something to put in at night but its too uncomfortable. I cope, but I do find when I'm stressed the tinnitus is worse. Flying also makes it worse for a short time.

In fact, it's the other way round - tinnitus doesn't cause hearing loss, the hearing loss causes the tinnitus. There are a number of things that can cause tinnitus:

hearing loss

exposure to loud noise

emotional stress

certain medications

ear or head injuries

some diseases of the ear

ear infections

As Mickeyjoints' GP said, one of the theories is that the brain recognises that the level of hearing has fallen and creates its own sound to compensate.


I didn't realise that, was told it was the tinnitus. I have had two perforated eardrums so I don't think that has helped. Thank you