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Flow lessening towards the end of a wee.. having to push.


So I had a total abdominal hysterectomy three years ago in May. I’ve always had a pain in my right ovary area from a very young age... it was always put down to ovulation. After my surgery I assumed this would go away, it hasn’t. I get this pain especially at night when I’ve held my wee and sit on the loo. I also need to push the last bit of wee out. My wee stream is fine to start, then not at the end. Is anyone else having wee trouble. I don’t feel a terrible urge and I don’t sting or burn it’s just the flow gets really slow at the end coupled with this pain or ache which goes down my leg... almost like a nerve . I’d appreciate your thoughts... thank you! ❤️

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Hi.. I have this. I had a hysterectomy 4 yrs ago and further peritoneal wall excision surgery in Sept where I spoke to the surgeon about it who suggested a prolapse so I went to the GP who confirmed a urethra prolapse so now waiting to be seen at hosp. It gets quite sore down below sometimes if too much exercise and u can feel something there. X

Dear Janesbitz,I am sorry you're feeling this way. I realise this surgery comes with multiple issues with time if not immediately.

J realized when am ending my wee as you put it, I dont really feel the urge like when starting. It's like I look coordination. So I sit on the loo and at times stand up to induce it. Then at times I feel I have completed on when I start parting myself with TP I feel it coming again. So I let the TP sit there a while till I feel am done. Only that, that feelingbofbeing done doesn't end.

I attribute that to the nerve damage we suffer during surgery.

I dont feel the pain you mentioned in the ovary area but other areas like my back then the stitch ending.

I would advise you see your obgyn.

I hope I was of some help



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