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Hysterectomy and belly bands afterwards and helpful tips in recovery


Having a hysterectomy on the 16th. removing uterus, cervix and one ovary. have fibroids and doctor doing laparoscopic. my understanding is via abdomen. she said one night in hospital. question is has anyone used a belly band after hysterectomy to help support and heal? Been reading on it asking for any advice for after surgery. TIA

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Hi KSunshine75, good luck with your op coming up soon. I didn’t use a band, and you will probably find that immediately after the op, you will not want anything tight around your tummy at all. But after a while, you might find it supportive and helpful. Once the wounds have healed, it can help with the feeling that some people get (I did) of a dragging sensation in their lower belly which can go on for quite some time as your insides settle down and heal fully ?

The important thing post-op is to listen to your body and take the recovery at the right pace for you. Make sure you learn the log roll technique for getting in and out of bed, and plan so that things are accessible to you as bending down and picking up will feel impossible for a while.

Good luck xx

Did you get one? I'm at 7 weeks post op and have thought about getting one to give me support as I do more.

4dogs81 in reply to MCM2001

My doctor actually recommended post op underwear. Here is a link to check out. they worked well for me to feel support but didn’t rub or squeeze my tummy too much.

Post Op Panty Compression Hysterectomy and Myomectomy Recovery Panty


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