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Yet More surgery


I have surgery booked for the 12th, they are going I. To see if they have left an ovary behind instead of removing everything a few years ago like they should have. But It also could be a remnant of an ovary regenerated and causing cysts to grow , has anyone had this done? Also I was told I’d be home in the afternoon after my early morning surgery but if they are removing stuff shouldnt I stay in overnight at least ? like I didn’t after my hysterectomy? Does anyone know what recovery time is too with ORS?



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Hi Kim,

Sorry to hear you need further surgery. If they operate via laparoscopy you will be home the same day. Before my total hysterectomy I was prone to cysts on the ovaries and had a laparoscopy in the morning and home in the afternoon.

Word of advice buy some peppermint cordial and drink it warm as it helps to disperse the gas and trapped wind from your shoulders and abdomen.

As long as you rest plenty and don’t over do it you should start to feel better in no time at all.

Total Hysterectomy recovery with a vertical scar took me about 10 weeks to feel anywhere near normal. However my mum and dad did take me out for small car journeys at about 6 weeks and still needed to sleep in the afternoon.

Surgery was nearly four years ago and at times I still don’t feel right if I do too much all at once.

PS good luck and speedy recovery

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