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CV - worried


I’m beyond desperate for my op. Literally decades of pain and now light at the end of the tunnel.

Less than two weeks to wait yet keep hearing more and more ops cancelled due to this coronavirus.

I understand that people need the beds much more than me but can’t help feel worried especially because it seems it will be at least six months before ops are considered again.

I’m an awful human being I know but needed to say this out loud.

My pain is really effecting my mental health / time off work / family life on hold, it’s hideous.

I’m crossing everything I’m over reacting.


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Your not an awful person, I would feel the same. It does look like things are getting worse and likely we will all have to wait longer but you never know they might keep a steady stream going. Fingers crossed for you x

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Your positivity made me smile, thank you x

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I'm trying to, Corona is starting to worry me now ❤️

It’s a totally natural human reaction and I would have felt the same in your position. However, as someone who has been through the op and is out the other side, I would not want to be in hospital with everything going on at the current time - far too much chance of the risk of infection, and absolutely the last thing you would want in your post-op recovery would be a persistent cough which seems to be the main symptom of this horrid cv disease. Believe me, you will do anything on this Earth not to cough and sneeze when you have an abdominal incision ( and I imagine keyhole wounds are much the same at least at first). So as gutting as it is, it may be a whole lot safer for you to have to wait. But I can totally imagine the worry and frustration it is causing you xxxx

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Thank you. It is always good to have perspective, I appreciate it.

This will be what I’ll keep telling myself if I need it x

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Absolutely right! I couldn’t stand up straight for the first couple of weeks post op, coughing would have been disastrous. And I agree about the possibility of infection. But Bluepeg your reaction is only natural and understandable. Let’s hope you will soon be back on track. X

I couldn’t agree me, coughing I’d the last thing you would want as there is so much healing going on inside. I caught an infection after my hysterectomy and that was just from the catheter and was on antibiotics for over 2 months. It is horrible having to wait for a procedure which can help change and improve your quality of life, let’s hope that everything settles down soon and routine surgery can go ahead as planned. Take care and I hope you can have your hysterectomy soon xx


I am due surgery too which has been postponed until god knows when. It’s frustrating. When in pain you want it to be over with.

I personally would be so scared to go to hospital right now due to the high risk of catching cornovirus, better off staying at home.

You are not an awful person, it’s a natural feeling and I have felt the same.

Take care xx

Thank you.

I hope you stay well xx

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