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What do I have to do to get PIP?

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I am in category 2 in the pandemic list, my GP thought it was a disgrace me losing my PIP benefit, I believe I lost my benefit because I could walk 200 yards, I can walk 200 yards but because of a brain injury [epileptic seizures] I stagger like a drunk after a Saturday night session. I was stopped because I was in isolation from March 2020, and surviving just about, food etc was brought to me! I could go on but those 'things' that set this demeaning benefit, are like Homer Simpson with tumbleweed for 'brains' in essence I am dying! I am getting my 2nd jab tomorrow, how will I be able to enjoy it, sit in my garden as usual, until July they might raise their lazy eyeballs at an appeal "Oh look this fellow is going for an appeal, Oh look! good weather, put it at the bottom of the dusty pile!"

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I don’t know much about your question, but I have sent you a message with a couple of pointers in the hope it may help.

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Thanks, but seem to have got stuck between rock and hard place with them, although 13 months will be on pension! Will have to wait?🙄

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Unsure if you can wait. You may need to get advice on this as it may not be available to you at pension age. But it’s just a thought as I’m out of touch. Try the online forum Benefits &Work, someone on there will probably know the answer.

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Will have to wait until I'm 66, then I will be getting a pension, in June 2022! I am entitled for have checked! I am on basic ESA benefit at present but it seems I will have to forget about PIP, at least until this July before I can even attempt to start the process all over again from the bottom! I won't be getting PIP with my pension no matter what happens!