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Big in Japan

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The BBC News did an item this morning, focusing on funding of care, disclosing that 5 million in Japan have dementia.

Often held-up as the archetypal high-carb, low-fat longevity society, this is something that isn't usually mentioned.

Patrick Holford highlights the benefit of a low GL, controlled-insulin way of eating in avoiding such chronic ill-health conditions.

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Very interesting.

I consider diet is only one factor amongst many co-factors, including DNA risk factors, environmental triggers, high work-related stress/high expectation placed on people in society in Japan, high level of pollution, to name a few.

Looking at the circle of concern and the circle of influence, what we eat has the biggest impact for something we can control.

Unfortunately, the expectation of what is achievable has been debased by sixty-odd years of low-fat recommendations.

Merry Christmas!

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