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Sugar is toxic!

Weston A Price associated the 'displacing foods of modern commerce' with ill-health in the 1920s and 30s. The sugar industry couldn't deny the evidence of dental caries so they had to concede that, but they were able to dissociate sugar from other ailments.

Now the evidence is conclusive, with recommendations to halve previous guidelines for sugar intake.

It's more than just empty calories!

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Fed up with these so called "experts" scaremongering and demonising one particular food group then changing their minds!! I ignore them all and just eat what I want, in moderation of course!


Is sugar a food group?


Ok if you want to be picky lets say any FOOD or substance!! Is that ok for you? Anyway, sugar is part of carbohydrates which is a food group along with fats which was also terrible for us but now isn't apparently! Sugar is not poisionous unless you eat shedloads of it just as any other food would be. I'm just waiting to be told we can only safely eat dust!


Ah, well, there has been some research into dust and ......


Haha!! At least it would be cheap!


Is that inferring that obesity has escalated over the last forty years because people have 'decided' to eat excessively, or does processed food mess with our senses?

The WHO recommends that a moderate amount of sugar is less than 5% of energy intake.


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