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Investigating the science of side effects

Investigating the science of side effects

Experiencing side effects is unpleasant, and not understanding them is frustrating. While it's impossible to have a drug with no side effects, Making Sense of Drug Safety Science explains why they happen and what can be done about them.

The guide was developed in collaboration with the MRC Centre for Drug Safety Science at the University of Liverpool.

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This looks useful. Thanks


I'm often challenged by users of alternative treatments who say they are concerned about side effects of established, conventional medicines but who are ignorant of what the risks associated with alternative treatments may be. There is sometimes an assumption that unproven (and largely unregulated) alternative treatments are safe and side-effect free, despite a lack of good data on either safety or efficacy. I think this guide is useful in setting out how we establish if the benefits of a medicine outweigh the harms and what some of the pitfalls may be.

I've elaborated on this here:

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Interesting that the document does not seem to mention:

Variation in delivery of active ingredient from one make to another;

Variation in delivery of active ingredient within one make - speculatively due to a change (accidental or intentional) to excipients;

Time of day at which a medicine is taken.


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