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Garlic vine.

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Sometimes it pays to keep searching for things you really want.I found this wild garlic vine this morning in the market, it's the first time I've seen it from 30 years ago in China, so l was really happy to be able buy it for just a few pounds.

The leaves are very garlic intense and am looking forward to using it in some future cooking

You might find the link interesting.

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My wife cooked belly pork with young Chinese kale, cabbage and tried the newly acquired garlic vine plant leaves for the children lunch was very very tasty. Actually it was very delicious.😊

Belly pork with vine leaves garlic.
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I didn’t know there was such a plant as a garlic vine. We get huge numbers of wild garlic plants growing locally in all the woods near us. I pick the leaves in spring to make a pesto with and use the young flowers in salads. The flowers are intensely garlicky and sweet.

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It is an unusual plant, and I was very pleased to find it, I think it actually more garlicky than the garlic itself. The whole plant is edible and the flowers are also edible..I just tried one a it gas a very mild garlic flavour. There was some wild garlic growing in our communal gardens where I used to live in London, I used to pick a few leaves to eat sometimes. It was very beautiful there..

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That looks interesting. Is it just the leaves you eat from it?

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The whole plant is edible, the flowers though only have a very mild taste of garlic, I just eat one and it was quite nice..Apparently the plant has been used for medicinal purposes for a very long time..

Very happy that I found it..

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