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I got sluggish and lazy during lockdown and don't seem to be able to motivate my self much.

I currently play table tennis on a Wednesday and go for a walk now and then but need something to give me a push to do more.

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Hi and welcome to the HE group, youngoldlady. Thank you for introducing yourself. :-)

Here's a link to the HE and Exercise topic with postings the other Members and/or Administrators had/have posted for everyone. I hope this helps with some ideas for you to try. :-) Please see:

Good morning youngoldlady. I should think your doing very well for your age. So just keep doing a bit each day and take care. Brian

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I'm not sure where you live, but why not have a look around for parks in the area, or walks that suit your ability, and make it a goal to visit a new one each week?

You could also get a pedometer and sign up for a walking challenge? I signed up for one with a goal of half a million steps in July (roughly 5000/day).

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