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HbA1c Test query. Thanks

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I get a range of bloods tested once a year at the surgery.

However, I’ve never had a blood glucose result as I always get this message below

“Possible variant detected. Result cannot be reported”

GP has never queried this.

My wife does my fasting glucose test every 3 months or so and it’s always low.

Today it was 83 (73-105)

Any thoughts on “possible variant detected” please?



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Hi and welcome to the Healthy Eating group, Persevere99. Thank you for introducing yourself to everyone.

What was your A1c before today’s result? Have you talked to your doctor about counting carbs. for each meal and/or snack? The results for today are good. Anything under 140 mg/dl is good blood sugar control for an A1c (3-4 month blood test).

I have type 1 Diabetes and I count carbs. for each meal and snack. I eat a low carb. high protein and gluten free diet (I have a gluten intolerance issue) and use a short and long acting insulin.

I hope this helps you. The group has a few topics dealing with Diabetes/meals/snacks.

HU also has groups for Diabetes. They are:

DIABETES INDIA: healthunlocked.com/diabetes...



Thanks for your tips.

However, my blood sugars have always been in the low normal range (as tested on our home kit). Lifelong exerciser, BMI 19 etc.

But the surgery results for the last 5 years now, always say “possible variant detected. Result cannot be reported”

But the GP has not taken this any further.

What is your take on the above please?



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Activity2004Administrator in reply to Persevere99

Can you please ask your doctor what they want your A1c results to be close to? Not everyone is the same and the results can vary depending on the person. For me, I have A1c levels that are closer to 9.0 instead of 7 and below, but my doctor say that 9 is okay for me personally since I am considered as a person with brittle Diabetes.

Do you get your A1c done every 3 months on a fast? Eating may cause a raise that’s not expected during the test.

Eating before a test shouldn't significantly affect HbA1c, it being the measure of how 'sticky' blood cells have become over the past two or three months.

HbA1c is affected by the longevity of blood cells however, and that might be the cause of the warning. However, as you say, such medical matters are better clarified with a health professional.

I wouldn't want my HbA1c above 5.8 (40 UK). That harps back to the days when diabetes was expected to worsen. It suggests protein intake and/or carb intake is too high, demanding too much insulin.

It's really sad that we (the developed world listening to health authorities influenced by the food and pharmaceutical industries) still seem to be stuck in the low-fat paradigm, because natural fat, especially monounsaturated, is the safest of the macronutrients for energy.

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Cooper27Administrator in reply to Persevere99

I think this would have to be a question for your GP - only they would know why they haven't called you in to discuss it.

The results of the test can be affected by the particular variant of hemoglobin that some people have, so they need further tests to determine your condition, as explained here. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...

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Persevere99 in reply to Eryl

Thanks that’s helpful Eryl

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