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One meal today.

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It was going to be a delicious moussaka with salad, but I also fancied a few prawns that I bought this morning to make prawn cake for my daughter but settled for just pan frying with the shells on.

Admittedly the moussaka and prawns don't really go together..but I was hungry and bypassed that did catch up with me though and I only managed 3 prawns and put the rest in a small bowl for a prawn mayonnaise and lettuce bagel tomorrow 😁

The moussaka and salad was just perfect for my evening meal 😊

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πŸ‘ Looks tasty

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Happyman4 in reply to Foggy123

Thank you Foggy, it was very tasty 😊

Looks lovely, many of the frozen prawns in my local shop in the Cotswolds come all the way from Thailand !

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Happyman4 in reply to Alisongold

Thank you Alissongold, Thailand has a huge industry in prawn farming, my wife's aunt and uncle were farming prawns for 35 years, but retired from it only last year. No more extra cheap prawns for now 😁

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Top marks for trying it out Happyman4. Maybe it could come under the category of surf and turf! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘. And you have some lovely leftovers for a prawn bagel tomorrow (or that's today now I think!)

I have been very busy in garden all day but remembered a couple of ago to take a bagel out of the freezer.. only just now am enjoying it..even used up the left over salad with it..and I used some salad cream in it instead of mayonnaise.. it was delicious 😊

Prawn and salad bagel.
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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to Happyman4

I really like salad cream instead of mayo sometimes. It's tangier! Hope you enjoyed!

It was beautiful thank you, I've loved salad cream salad with roasted chicken since I was a boy, now I use it for fried chicken and the occasional sandwich..lovely 😊


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