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A warm Green Lentil Salad with Sweet Potato Chips

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Hi everyone,

I had this meal today at lunch time and enjoyed it. It has simple ingredients and it's versatile as it can be eaten as it is or can be topped with fish , egg or chicken breast. Edamame Beans can be replaced with frozen peas.

Cooked green lentils, steamed broccoli florets, carrots, Edamame Beans, few slices

of avocado, few rocket leaves. Wholegrain mustard, extra virgin olive oil and honey dressing

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That looks really good 😋

Very easy to make as well. Thanks

Wow KBMosia, your meal looks fantastic. So colourful and appetising. I bet it was incredibly delicious!Zest :-)

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KBMosia in reply to Zest

Thank you Zest. It was really tasty!

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Zest in reply to KBMosia

It's a feast for the eyes too, such a lovely photo of your meal. :-)

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KBMosia in reply to Zest

I just sprinkled a bit of smoked paprika on the sweet potato chips to enhance the taste and colour a bit, I have no food photography skill whatsoever, I just use my iPad. It's nice that you like the photo as well. Thanks a lot

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What a fresh and colourful looking meal KBMosia!

Simple ingredients ,easy to make and tasty. Thanks Callendersgal

It all looks very appetizing, I love sweet potato chips, especially the orange colour one's. I also love the ingredients you used for your salad.

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KBMosia in reply to Happyman4

Thank you Happy man, it was really tasty

I likes to eat green lentil and sweet potato. I like this combination of salad. Thanks for your post.

Thank you Jeffersonsam, it is a simple dish with everyday ingredients, but it is very delicious

yeah you are right. These combination is surely a delicious one. I loves to eat this salad.

Looks delicious. Please can you share your recipe?I am having difficulty in getting more vegetables in my meals. I will be grateful if you could share any tips as well as quick and simple recipes.

Many thanks.


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KBMosia in reply to Veeee

Hi VeeeeThis is a very simple recipe with everyday ingredients. I have listed the ingredients in my post so quantities will depend on how much you want to make, I am not really fussy about exact measurements in my cooking. I did sprinkle the sweet potatoes with smoked paprika for taste and colour enhancement. For veg , you can use any that you prefer . I have not been that long in this community , I will try and share some of my meals now and then, I am not particularly a good cook

I do try and eat as healthy as possible. To get more veg in your meals you could try to commit to having 2 veg with your dinner every day, choose the ones that you like to start with and then add variety as you go along. Good luck


Thank you 😊

Looks really appetising. We are advised to aim for 30 different fruit and veg per week ( herbs are included). You have at least 7 in one meal!

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KBMosia in reply to Alisongold

Thank you. I do try my best to incorporate veg in my diet most days. It was really delicious

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